A Sure Cure for Blanket Hogs.

It’s not easy sharing a bed. With the best intentions in the world, it always seems like at least one partner snores, likes to rumba in their sleep, talks in their sleep, sneaks something to eat in bed just before going to sleep, cuts their toe nails just before going to sleep, keeps a light on half the night to read, or, worst of all, hogs the blanket. 

There are no reliable statistics available, but relationship therapists are bound to put ‘hogging the blanket at night’ right up there with stinginess and crankiness as one of the premier reasons marriages and other relationships eventually go ker-flooey.

So if you live with a blanket hog, you can now take heart.

No need to go see a good divorce lawyer; instead, go to your nearest mattress store and buy one of Simba’s revolutionary new ‘rolling’ bed covers. This handy dandy device is a soft downy blanket roll that goes completely around your bed. So at night when the blanket hog begins his or her predatory moves to gather up all the warmth, they are prevented from depriving their partner of their fair share of the duvet — instead, the blanket, like a towel on a roller, simply loops around. This will undoubtedly take care of many a sleepless night in future.

Simba has not said yet if they are working on an electric blanket roller. One can only hope . . .