Do Ceiling Fans Add Value?

A ceiling fan is one of those home features that excite people! They’re easy to love because of the comfort and quick relief they provide when we’re hot and sweaty. Ceiling fans lower energy consumption by moving the air and making homes feel cooler. Modern designs even make rooms look cool, too.

It’s no surprise that newly installed ceiling fans increase the value of homes. And while the science of why they feel so great is fascinating, we’re even bigger fans of the appeal and returns on investment that home sellers enjoy.

How much does it cost to install ceiling fans in your home?

The cost of adding ceiling fans to your home depends on the number of fans you install, the product you select, and the cost of installation services. Ceiling fans come in a variety of designs and sizes. Individual units can be as cheap as $50 and up to $1,500 for eye-catching styles and technology-enhanced features.

Electrical and installation services costs will be somewhere between $150 to $500 per fan. The most significant factor in the overall investment will be your electrical system. If your replacing existing fans  or have relatively new electrical wiring, you can assume costs will be on the lower end of these estimates.

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