How Much Does Cabinet Painting Cost in Roseville, CA

Cabinet painting can transform your kitchen space. Whether they are old and need updating or if you are just looking for a new design style, a fresh coat of paint on the cabinets is enough to change the look of the entire space. 

Like any renovation project, professional cabinet painting comes with a cost. What can you expect to pay in Roseville, CA? Let’s talk about it. 

The Need for Professional Cabinet Painters

Sure, you could move forward with your cabinet painting on your own as a DIY project. But, will you get the best results? Consider what you are risking as this is much different than painting a wall in a room that no one will see. 

Your cabinets are very much a focal point in the kitchen and stand out when you walk into the room. What happens if they don’t turn out as you envision? Are you willing to take that risk?

Simply put, if you want professional results then you need professional cabinet painters. 

Benefits of Professional Cabinet Painting

If you are considering professional cabinet painting, have you given much thought to the benefits that come with it? Here are just a few advantages to painting your cabinets: 

  • High-quality results 
  • Easier and more efficient than tearing out and replacing cabinets
  • Maintain a style you like, but with a new look
  • Your color choices are limitless
  • It is better for the environment to use what you have rather than to buy new
  • More cost-effective than replacing cabinets
  • Boost your home’s value 

Why would you not want professional cabinet painting? 

The Cost of Cabinet Painting in Roseville, CA

When you are ready to move forward with your professional cabinet painting in Roseville, CA, you can expect to pay about $120 to $150 for each opening. Though, there are a few factors that can impact this cost, including: 

  • Cabinets that are in bad shape may require additional prep work before painting
  • The choice of paints and finishes 
  • Additional materials if needed, such as primers and topcoats
  • New, unfinished cabinets will cost less per opening 

All of this should be taken into consideration when estimating the cost of cabinet painting. It is best to seek out a professional and highly-experienced cabinet painter in Roseville, CA to obtain an estimate so that you know what to expect. 

What Is Included in Professional Cabinet Painting? 

Professional cabinet painting is more than simply painting your cabinets. It involves every step necessary to keep your kitchen looking beautiful while keeping the paint only on the cabinets. To do so, all surfaces will need to be protected from paint drips/spills by masking each of these areas and using drop cloths. 

Cabinet doors and drawers will be removed so that everything can be painted thoroughly. All surfaces will be assessed to ensure they are clean and ready before painting commences. 

Spray guns and air compressors may be used to give you the professional finish you are looking for – without visible brush strokes. 

While it sounds like a lot, professional cabinet painters will have a streamlined process they use to make sure that everything goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible. And, when they are finished, you can reap the reward of new cabinets you will feel good about.  

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