3 Tips for Updating Your Wardrobe for Summer

Reorganizing your wardrobe often indicates a seasonal shift, transitioning from heavy winter clothing to lighter attire in preparation for summer. Ensuring a smooth transition for your closet in anticipation of the warmer months is crucial to avoid sartorial confusion as the heat sets in. Creating some space is essential before delving into the five key considerations when preparing for summer. Evaluate each piece of clothing with the simple criterion of recalling the last time you wore it. If the memory is elusive, it may be time to part ways with the item. Holding onto old and ill-fitting outfits needlessly occupies valuable wardrobe space.

Prioritize repairing salvageable items before donating them and discarding irreparable pieces. This strategic decluttering leaves room for clothes that fit well and boost your confidence. If you discover that you’ve outgrown your current wardrobe, it might be the perfect opportunity for a redesign. Consider updating with a new built-in wardrobe, choosing from options like sliding doors, hinges, or mirrors. Without further ado…

3.) Go Shopping

With your newly compiled list of wants and needs and style inspiration derived from decluttering the closets, you are ready to embark on a shopping spree! When indulging in retail therapy, focus on acquiring standalone pieces and clothing items that seamlessly complement your existing wardrobe, allowing you to put together complete outfits effortlessly. Embrace some of the essential wardrobe staples for the season, such as lightweight coats, versatile denim jackets, comfortable shorts, stylish sandals, and practical cross-body bags for carrying accessories. During summer, prioritize fabrics like breathable linen, fine cotton, seersucker, and other lightweight materials. Opting for these materials ensures comfort, as opposed to the discomfort and perspiration associated with wearing heavy garments like wool or cashmere in the warmer weather.

2.) Make Sure You Have Sunglasses

The summer sun can be intense, and donning sunglasses is a practical solution to shield your eyes. Besides offering protection from the sun’s rays, these accessories also serve as a barrier against sand when engaging in beach activities. Consider having a few pairs on hand. It’s optional to splurge on high-end sunglasses, as it’s common to accidentally break or misplace them, especially around the pool or during swimming. It’s wise to have a spare pair ready if such mishaps occur. Feel free to invest in distinct pairs for various purposes – one for exercise, another for leisure, and perhaps a business casual pair for different occasions!

1.) Value Yourself and Your Time

Opt for clothing that enhances your appearance and streamlines your morning routine. Arrange your wardrobe strategically, placing items you love, such as t-shirts or preferred pieces, towards the front for easy access. Identify critical pieces that catch your eye and coordinate them to assemble outfits that reflect your style. Take the time to curate ensembles suitable for formal occasions, and try to utilize every summer clothing item you own. If a garment feels uncomfortable, it might be better off outside your closet or drawers. Prioritize wearing outfits that comfort you, boost your confidence, and evoke a positive sense of self.

Don’t be afraid to seek help if necessary! If you find yourself exploring uncharted territory, seeking guidance is entirely natural. Image consultants offer valuable assistance in discovering your unique qualities, extending beyond the realm of fashion. They help leverage your strengths and craft an image that instills a sense of pride within you.

Joseph Rosenfeld is an image consultant who sees people in great detail and with empathy and honesty. He inspires his clients to live up to their full potential, and his in-depth approach to building quality presence creates a framework for understanding their it-factor, facilitating self-confidence.