4 Reasons to Consider a Floating Holiday in 2021

If you feel at home on the ocean and would like the ultimate floating holiday, talk to a few friends and get together to charter a yacht in South East Asia. Sadly, some people automatically think that yacht charter is very expensive, yet if a group of 10-12 people share the costs, it turns out to be within everyone’s reach.

Here are a few good reasons to charter a yacht for your next holiday.

  1. Freedom & Independence – Chartering a crewed yacht means you are the boss in many respects and the seasoned skipper knows the region very well. You can plan a provisional route and should you decide to stay on at a quiet cove, there’s nothing stopping you changing the schedule. If you like to snorkel, the yacht carries all the gear and with kayaks, you can explore the reefs, looking at the diverse marine life.
  2. 5-Star Luxury – A private yacht charter from Simpson offers 5-star luxury accommodation, with yachts and catamarans of varying sizes, ideally equipped and ready to go. There’s no reason why you can’t experience life at the top and whether ten days or a whole month, the luxury vessel is yours to go where you please. Swimming pools and Jacuzzis can be found on a superyacht, as can relaxation toys like jet skis and underwater pods that power you along. As you are chartering the vessel, you decide on the menus and, of course, how the bars are stocked, and if you have MP3 playlists you like, bring them along with some DVD movies for evening entertainment.
  3. All Inclusive Price – When you charter a yacht for a period of time, everything is included in the price, provisions are all calculated and that means you don’t really need any spending money. The crew are there to help make the holiday a memorable one and anything you ask for, they will do their best to provide, while they manage the vessel in the background. We all know how easy it is to spend money when on holiday, but when you are on your chartered yacht, there’s nothing else to pay for. Click here for further reading on how holidays can be stressful for families.
  4. Explore the Andaman Sea – One of the best destinations with yacht charter is Phuket, which is the gateway to the Andaman Sea, the home to thousands of tiny islands. If you love marine life, there are many species that inhabit these waters, with whale sharks, bottle-nose dolphin and giant manta rays. The charter company love to help their clients plan the perfect route and they know the region very well, with experienced skippers and crews who are dedicated to making your experience a memorable holiday.

When you organise a group, chartering a yacht is very affordable and staying on a 5-star vessel as you explore a tropical paradise and if you want to be sure of your dates, make an early booking to avoid disappointment.