4 Ways to Style A Men’s Quarter-Zip Pullover

Quarter-zip pullovers are more popular than ever. That is because they are comfortable and can go with so many different things. Your closet contains endless possibilities of things to pair with your quarter zip pullover.

They are light, breathable, comfy and stylish, and they can easily be styled well by anyone. Pairing a men’s quarter-zip pullover with something else in your closet requires a little thought, but it is well worth it. 

It is not as simple as throwing on a quarter-zip and dressing the rest of yourself in the dark. There are several ways that you can style a quarter-zip pullover. Before that, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Where you are going
  • Your own personal style
  • What the weather is like
  • What you will be doing

All of the above factors play a role in what kind of ensemble you will throw together.

#1. Layers

One of the best things about quarter-zip pullovers is that they let you layer up. If you choose the right crew neck tee to wear under your quarter-zip, you can make a whole look. Go with something that either compliments the pullover or even stands out against it.

If your outfit is mostly void of color, you should choose an undershirt that lightens things up a bit. In cold weather, you can even add another layer by wearing a light jacket over your pullover.

#2. Total Athleisure

Quarter-zip pullovers are a big part of athleisure, so why not pair it with more athletic clothes? Joggers and quarter-zip pullovers are a match made in heaven. It is a nice, sporty look and is practical for morning workouts.

Basketball shorts go great with them as well. Whether you are going out or exercising, it is a good look. Sweatpants also work well with quarter zip pullovers, especially if you are doing an early workout or it is the fall or winter.

#3. The Classy Look

Believe it or not, men’s quarter-zip pullovers go great with khakis. I know, one is a classy staple and the other is commonly casual, but they work great together. The combination of the two is appropriate for many work environments, date nights, and even golfing.

Nice, form fitting, or pleated khakis are a great choice and compliment pullovers well.

#4. Casual Friday

Denim jeans and quarter-zip pullovers go together like white on rice. This “casual Friday” look, if you will, is comfy, practical and safe for many places. Pick jeans that go well with the color of your quarter-zip.

Use the opportunity to layer up as well. Wear a light technical tee shirt underneath and if you get too hot, you can always lose the quarter-zip. 

Endless Possibilities

Those are only four ways that you can style your men’s quarter-zip pullover. It is such a simple and iconic shape and style that it really goes with so many things. That does not mean that it goes with everything, however.

Quarter-zip pullovers are amazing, but you can’t forget the rules of fashion. They still apply to you if you are wearing a pullover. Some things to avoid are:

  • Combining navy and black unless you are careful
  • Wearing all grey unless you match tones
  • Using more than three layers 
  • Putting on something bulky underneath

They are more than a trend. It is easy to see why they have maintained popularity and even got more in recent years. Look in your closet and see how you can style your own quarter-zip pullover.