5 Chic Holiday Ideas for 2021

If you are looking forward to your first holiday since 2018, the summer is not far away and if you are already thinking about holiday destinations, here are a few great holiday plans for this year.

  1. Homestay Holidays – If you would rather experience life from the perspective of a Thai farmer or an Indonesian family that raise shrimps, then a homestay holiday is for you. While it is nice to relax poolside in a top resort, this does not allow you to gain an insight into the local people and how they live, while homestaying literally drops you into their way of life, so be prepared to try food and drink that you are not used to.
  2. Charter a Yacht – This is one of the most popular ways to experience the tropical paradise on Phuket and Koh Samui private boat charters, which put you firmly in the driving seat, as you choose the route and stop off ports. You can charter for a day or a couple of weeks and if you have lot of friends who would like to share the experience, chartering a yacht is affordable, as everyone shares the cost. Click here for more information about a floating holiday.
  3. Trekking to Everest Base Camp – This is a once-in-lifetime- experience to see the highest mountain in the world, which would involve a 10-day trek from Lukla airport, one of the shortest and highest altitude airports in the world. Even Base Camp is 5,000m above sea level, while the summit is a breath-taking 8,848m, where there is one third of the oxygen found at sea level. The trek to Base Camp is a physical challenge that does involve some altitude acclimatation and if you are fit and like adventure, this would be a great opportunity to see for yourself, the majestic Mount Everest in all its glory.
  4. Experience Ayahuasca in The Amazon – This is a mind-altering brew that changes your perception of reality, indeed, most people that visit a local Sharman and spend a few days at a peaceful retreat having consumed several doses of ayahuasca, have a better outlook on life. You can book this experience through an online tour operator and do read the online reviews, as they are a good indication of how the experience will be.
  5. African Safari – If you would like to see the Big 5 in their natural habitat, choose Namibia as your safari destination. This unique country offers the ultimate safari experience and the tours are cheaper than in Kenya and with stunning beaches along the Atlantic so you can combine the animal observation with some beach-time. If you search online for a safari tour operator that allows you to create your own tour with an English-speaking guide, which is essential if you want the background and history of the country.

Whatever type of holiday you choose, you do need to book early, as many people have the same idea as you and booking early ensures that you won’t be disappointed.