Amazon Media Group Growth vs. Facebook

If you are selling a product or service, you need to use the right channel that can enable you to reach your target market. Online marketing requires that you place an ad strategically. This should be on a platform on which your target audience is likely to visit. In the advertising world, there is a battle of the brands between Amazon Media Group Growth vs. Facebook. They are both great avenues and have a huge amount of traffic on any given day. These two companies are doing it big and this is an interesting space to watch

Amazon Media Group and Facebook Growth

Across the world, there are millions and billions of Facebook and Amazon users. The main uses of the internet for personal use has been interaction on Facebook and shopping on Amazon. There are many people who visit Facebook and Amazon sites on any given day or use the apps. For this reason, e-marketers opt to spend on ads on such platforms since they offer high chances of success for marketing campaigns.

Amazon Media Group is experiencing a steady growth in the advertising world. Amazon has linked its e-commerce platform to targeted ads. This makes it possible for companies to spend on ads that have a higher chance of success and will lead to potential sales. When a shopper is browsing on Amazon, they will be able to see the adverts that lead them to an internal page on the site.


In addition to Google ads, most marketers have spent money on Facebook ads as they target their market. According to eMarketer, the 2019 net digital ad revenues for Facebook was $67.37 billion and that of Amazon was $14.03 billion.

 Amazon Media Group Growth

Amazon is an e-commerce company that has been in operation since the year 1994. Initially, they focused on the site, and logistics of the orders placed. Over time, they then embraced the power of their numbers and branched into advertising, through the Amazon Media Group. In 2018, Amazon Media Group was worth $2.5 billion. This amount was a 123% increase in Q3 of 2018. This growth is exponential and the company is growing steadily, competing for a share of the market with Facebook. There are good prospects when it comes to the growth of Amazon Media Group. Citi Research estimates that this business shall grow to $50.6 billion by 2028. Their growth can only be compared to that of one acquiring superpowers, though it doesn’t hurt to have the support of one of the largest companies in the world.

How They Compare

Amazon Media Group is here to stay and it has a focused advertising strategy. You can market your product through a headliner ad, Amazon Display, or as a sponsored product. Facebook enables you to put ads that can be targeted demographically and geographically. Also, you can select the duration over which it should run and your budget. Google and Facebook have enjoyed duopoly in the advertising world, taking 37% and 20% of the market in 2018, respectively. However, there is a shift in this dynamic since the entry of Amazon Media Group which took up 7% of the market in the same year. This was only a warm-up and since most e-marketers have warmed up to the idea of advertising on Amazon, the competition shall get heated up in years to come.

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Watch Out For The Trends

The e-marketing world is dynamic and there are new changes and fresh ideas that come up. Be on the lookout for trends and see what unfolds when it comes to Amazon Media Group Growth vs. Facebook. You may then know which one shall eventually have a larger market share and more importantly, the one that will offer you the best marketing platform.