Benefits of a Low-Pressure Gas Compressor

A low-pressure gas compressor is a device that’s used for a variety of reasons. They assist with transporting natural gas through pipelines, compressing intake air in gas turbines, storing small quantities of purified gases, moving heat in refrigeration systems, and compressing air for air brakes. A low-pressure gas compressor can pressurize gas to 80 psig and raise its temperature to 350°.

There are different kinds of gas compressors, and some are better for certain applications than others. In this blog, we’ll focus on all the benefits of using a low-pressure gas compressor. 

What Is a Low-Pressure Gas Compressor?

Before we talk about why low-pressure gas compressors are good, we first need to explain these. A gas compressor will reduce a gas’s volume, and doing so will increase the temperature of the gas.

Gas compressors work like liquid pumps; they don’t just pressurize gas but move it. But unlike liquids, gasses are easier to condense. Because of these qualities, gas compressors are used at natural gas processing plants, oil refineries, and chemical and petrochemical plants.

What Are the Benefits of a Low-Pressure Gas Compressor?

There are many benefits associated with using a low-pressure gas compressor, and these benefits are briefly detailed below:

1) More Gas Can Flow

A low-pressure gas compressor will improve gas flow, which can even be used with wells with relatively low pressure.

2) Gas Flows a Longer Distance

Low-pressure gas compressors help ensure that the gas can be pushed further through the pipeline.

3) Smooth Transport

Smooth transport is a priority for gas companies, and a low-pressure gas compressor helps to ensure a smooth transport.

4) Better Filtration

low-pressure gas compressor will also aid with the filtration process. Compression will separate gases from one another, which is vital for specific applications where gas purity is the desired end result.

5) Dirt Remover

And it’s not just unnecessary gases that are being filtered out; a low-pressure gas compressor will also get rid of dirt and other impurities. Their ability to act as a multi-level filtration system is one of their most sought-after qualities.

6) Reliable

Low-pressure gas compressors, like the ones made by Ro-Flo are long-lasting, dependable, and always able to provide a high level of performance. They can handle all kinds of gases, including those are acidic, sour, and wet.

7) Low Maintenance Cost

Another thing that makes these so attractive is that the cost of maintenance is low, and they don’t need maintenance often. Maintenance is often a one-man job; even if a system needs to be completely rebuilt, this should only take one day.

8) Cost-Effective Operation

They’re also cost-effective, as operating one isn’t all that expensive compared to other options. These compressors are reliable, long-lasting, and consistently deliver superior performance. With notable reductions in both operational and maintenance costs, they are exceptional solutions in the gas compression industry.

Ro-Flo Compressors has been manufacturing various compressors since the 1930s, and now their products are used in over 60 countries. They manufacture low-pressure, high-pressure, HP, and two-stage compressors.