Best Wall Mount Server Rack and Enclosures of 2022

Every administrator knows that a computing system is a long chain of multipurpose devices combined together to achieve one single objective. Thus, some systems can have dozens or even hundreds of components. You may wonder where to accommodate them to ensure proper performance and do not take up a lot of space.

Server racks and cabinets are designed for this purpose. These are multi-layer server furniture installed at large facilities or in small offices. Due to different needs, demands, and system sizes, diverse models are manufactured. You can find a wide assortment of products on

Server Furniture Types

According to the type of construction, they distinguish between open-frame racks and enclosed cabinets. The principle difference between both models is that the first one doesn’t have side panels. Open-frame goods can have 2 or 4 posts.

According to the installation method, there are floor-standing and wall-mounted models. All wall-mounted racks have solid metal enclosures.

Server Rack and Cabinets: Functions and Benefits

Any server furniture is designed to house network equipment and provide its ergonomic allocation in a premise. A multi-layer cabinet allows accommodating a great number of devices. Server goods have the following benefits:

  • provide the best space allocation;
  • help achieve better ergonomics;
  • have all the necessary fasteners, functional holes, and routes for accessories;
  • free access in open racks and the use of mounting rails on enclosed cabinets;
  • guarantee perfect air circulation and hardware cooling (open-frame models);
  • protect devices from pollutants and other environmental conditions, as well as unauthorized use and damage (enclosed models).

Each class of goods is suitable for certain purposes. Enclosed models are perfect for installation in public places, where access to the system is not limited. Open-frame racks are ideal for location in closed rooms with limited access.

TOP-5 Best Wall-Mount Server Furniture

Here, we are going to pick the best server rack. All the below-mentioned cabinets are fastened to the wall. Goods are manufactured from high-quality durable metal sheets. Products are equipped with special high-load dowels that ensure reliable attachment to the surface.

  1. 18U wall-mount server cabinet rack with mesh door

This is one of the largest products within the regarded class. The product is 24.5 inches deep and 19 inches wide. Its maximum load capacity is 250 lbs. Note that it has a mesh door, which means that the air can freely circulate through it. It houses UPS systems and serves as an excellent option for use in offices and industrial facilities.

  1. 6U wall-mount server enclosure 19’ (WS 6906) by SYSRACKS

This option will be the best home network rack. Since there is no need to place a lot of equipment in it for your home systems, this compact model will ergonomically fit your house. The product size is 20″x35″x12″ (500x900x300 mm.). All walls are perforated. It is a rectangular cabinet designed for vertical installation.

  1. 22U wall-mount open frame server equipment rack

This is the largest possible product among hanging cabinets. Note that this option does not have sidewalls. The depth of the product is 15 inches, and its width is 20 inches. The construction has two vertical posts with 4 horizontal posts for fastening equipment. 

  1. 12U 24’ depth wall-mount enclosure

This is a square solid box with perforated glass doors. Its size is 600x600x635mm. The product is equipped with one fan, one shelf, 4 feet, a PDU, and 2 brush cable entries. The model can carry up to 133 pounds. The door is locked with a key, keeping devices closed and secure from damage.

  1. 12U wall-mount rack with lockable door

The advantage of this model is that its size perfectly fits most premises. It is an optimal solution for offices and other working places. Having 21Lx25Wx25H inches, the construction allows putting servers, patch panels, cables, and other accessories. Removable metal walls and doors with perforation and fans ensure hardware security and sufficient cooling. 

Note that due to the peculiarities of its installation, the size of such models will be smaller if compared to floor-standing racks. Since furniture is fastened to the wall, its carrying capacity decreases. A standard dimension for a wall-mount model is 8U-14U.

Enclosed cabinets have perforated doors to provide sufficient ventilation and function steadily. Side panels are removable to ensure convenient maintenance, components rearrangement, and replacement.

The modern market offers a wide variety of goods. Depending on the needs, managers can find the perfect option for any business. When selecting the best server cabinets for your case, remember to analyze the number of devices to be housed. The preparation process is complicated. Calculate what size you need; otherwise, it is easy to make a mistake.