Maximizing Space: Small Pool Design Ideas for Urban Dwellers

As more people choose to live in urban areas, the demand for housing with limited space has increased. One of the biggest challenges faced by urban dwellers is how to make the most out of their limited living space. This challenge also applies to outdoor spaces like backyards and rooftops, especially when it comes to incorporating a pool.

In this guide, we will explore small pool design ideas that are perfect for urban dwellers looking to maximize space without sacrificing style or function.

Above-Ground Pools

Above-ground pools are a great option for urban spaces because they require less space and are easier to install compared to in-ground pools. These pools can be designed in various shapes and sizes, making them versatile enough to fit into different spaces. They can even be installed on rooftops, transforming an otherwise unused space into a relaxing oasis.

Plunge Pools

Plunge pools are becoming increasingly popular in urban areas due to their compact size and versatility. These small pools are typically deeper than traditional swimming pools, allowing for a more refreshing dip during hot summer days. They also come in a variety of shapes and can be customized to fit into any space, making them perfect for smaller outdoor areas.

Swim Spas

Swim spas are a combination of a pool and a spa, providing the benefits of both in one compact unit. These pools use jet propulsion technology to create a current for swimming against, allowing for an effective workout in a small space. They also come with built-in hot tub features, making them the perfect choice for those who want a pool and spa experience without taking up too much space.

Multi-Level Pools

Multi-level pools are a clever way to maximize space by utilizing different levels within one pool. These pools can have shallow areas for lounging and deep areas for swimming, making them perfect for small yards or rooftops. They can also include built-in features like waterfalls and fountains to add visual interest and create a relaxing atmosphere.

Narrow Lap Pools

Narrow lap pools are a great option for those who want a traditional swimming pool, but have limited space. These long and narrow pools are ideal for swimming laps in a small backyard or rooftop. They can also be designed with an infinity edge, giving the illusion of a larger space and providing breathtaking views.

Customized Shapes

When it comes to small pool design ideas, thinking outside the box is key. Customized shapes, such as kidney-shaped or freeform pools, can be designed to fit into unique and unconventional spaces, making them perfect for urban areas. These pools also add a touch of creativity and personality to the outdoor space.

Incorporating Landscaping

In addition to choosing the right pool design, incorporating landscaping can help maximize space and create a beautiful outdoor oasis. By adding greenery, such as potted plants for vertical gardens, around the pool area, it can create a sense of depth and make the space feel larger. Incorporating lighting can also add ambiance and make the space usable at night.


Living in an urban area doesn’t mean sacrificing having a pool. With these small pool design ideas, it’s possible to have a functional and stylish pool that maximizes space. Whether it’s an above-ground pool, a plunge pool, or a customized shape, there are various options to suit any urban dweller’s needs and preferences. 

By incorporating landscaping and other features, the pool area can also become a relaxing oasis in the midst of city life. With some creativity and planning, small pools can be just as enjoyable as larger ones. So, don’t let limited space stop you from having a pool – explore these ideas and create your own urban oasis today!