E-Commerce: What is the Key to Success?

There are many young, budding entrepreneurs who are attracted by the digital nomad lifestyle, after all, it can’t be that hard to build a website, stick some images and text and then go online. You might be tempted by tales of people who quit their 9-5 job and now they travel around South-East Asia, making their money from a shopping-cart website, and while this is possible, is simply isn’t as easy as that reports

Digital Marketing

Once you have your product line, a supplier, and a great website, all you need is digital marketing services from a leading SEO provider, Move Ahead Media, who happen to be the UK’s top-rated performer, with an impressive list of clients. They would carry out an online audit, which is free and without obligation, and take a good look at your business, which gives them the data they need to compile an effective digital marketing plan.


Once you have a solid digital marketing plan that targets your preferred groups, the SEO company would implement the plan. Typical strategies include:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Website Revamp
  • Creation of Social Media Accounts
  • Outreach Blogging
  • Google Adwords

Your web traffic would be constantly monitored and using powerful analytical tools, the SEO specialist can discover what is working and fix what is not.

Smooth Logistics

The online consumer is spoilt, and when they place an order, they are looking for a couple of days for delivery, and if you join forces with a 3PL provider, they are totally geared up for your industry, and with your products and your packaging in their warehouse, you simply forward the orders and they are rapidly fulfilled. You cannot allow products to be damaged in transit or late, and the cheapest way happens to be the best, which is outsource your picking, packing and delivering to an experienced third-party logistics provider.

Flexible Partner

The 3PL provider exists solely to service the online retailer and when you are not busy, that’s not an issue, and when the orders come flooding in, great logistics are assured. There are no long-term contracts, the provider has a whole host of services and you only pay for what you use.

If you are prepared to invest heavily in SEO services and understand that this must be ongoing, then you are sure to see a significant rise in the number of site visitors, and as time passes, you will develop a good reputation and this leads to even more customers. Focus your efforts on improving the customer’s buying experience and you will reap the rewards, and with your digital marketing partner driving traffic to your site, you are set to become a player in the e-commerce industry.

If your new venture is still in the planning stages, this is the ideal time to make contact with an SEO provider, as they can create a winning formula for your digital marketing, and with a lot of hard work, your business will enjoy steady growth.