Final Mile Delivery & Why Your Business Needs It

Many companies now, are embracing the concept of final mile delivery, and it is being used strategically by a number of large companies, and even bigger corporations. Customers nowadays, are incredibly demanding, and due to the progress of the Internet, they have a lot more knowledge than they did before. Every customer wants their order delivered yesterday, even though they only ordered it today, and they want it to arrive in perfect condition. Sometimes, they will just refuse to pay, and tell you to send it back. It used to be, that the customers didn’t mind waiting a few extra days for their items, but all of that has changed, and so businesses need to change too.

This is why final mile delivery from Rhenus High Tech, is seen as a very important part of the total supply chain, and is the point when the finished product, finally makes its way to the final customer. The final steps of the logistics were kind of a mystery to customers in the past, because they were unable to find out where their item was, and if they were to look online for a progress report, they would see something like ‘your package is on its way’ and that was it. This was extremely vague, and it meant that customers were getting very frustrated. As a business, this is your last point of contact with your customer, and so this part of the logistics procedure needs to be done properly. If your business experiences any of these, then you definitely need final mile delivery.

  • Increased transportation costs – Are you finding that your products have to go to many different destinations, before they finally arrive to the customer. If so, then you probably need to spend a lot more money on things like fuel, essential equipment, and obviously your staff. The beauty about using final mile delivery services, is that they are very flexible, and they can pick up your items, at a time that is convenient for you, and not just for them. This will help you to save money, and it will get the product sent to the final user, more quickly.
  • Items being damaged – Are customers calling you up and complaining that the items they ordered, arrived in a damaged state. This could be due to a number of reasons, but generally down to incorrect handling, and staff being very careless. Nobody wants to have to claim on their business insurance. The wonderful thing about using final mile delivery services, is that they use very skilled staff that understand the importance of handling items with due care and attention. This means that your items are loaded and unloaded carefully, and so they reach the final destination in the same condition, as when you handed them the package. Your logistics company will follow all of the government mandated rules.

Just because you got the sale, and you have got the customers money, doesn’t mean that the service should stop there. It is essential that the customer gets the product to the final destination, in great condition, and in a reasonable amount of time. If you take care of your customers at this important stage of the transaction, then you can be sure that they will keep coming back to buy more, and your profits will increase.