Healing properties of Essential Oils

One of the largest growing industries that has been apparent to me is that of essential oils. There are quite a few start ups that have grown to multimillion dollar companies. Some of the bigger names found in this field are those of Doterra, Youngliving, and Barefut.

Although the healing properties of these oils are still disputed, there are many who believe steadfastly that these oils have incredible healing characteristics and provide the same effect as modern medicine. There’s even a newfound science behind these new products.

As studies and science develops we will see if these tentative findings change. However, from the research that I have found so far, here are a couple of the healing properties that may help you in your everyday life.


Lavender is one of the more popular oil that have hit the market recently. Known for its color in the flower and the scent of the oil, this oil has been vastly used for its rest and relaxation properties. One of the more common uses of this oil is in that of a diffuser before bedtime. It’s supposed to help with sleep and relax the body enough that troubled and restless nights will be a thing of the past. It’s also used widely for its ability to relieve headaches. If this oil is rubbed on your scalp and your hair, it’s said that it will relieve strain and relax the user.


Often used in combination with Lavender, it also has relaxation properties. However, instead of being put in a diffuser, it’s recommended that this oil be used by applying the oil directly to the skin of the user. If done so it will help to moisten and soften the skin and provide a younger and softer complexion.


Known throughout the middle east and asia for it’s healing characteristics, this oil has been used for Millenia to cure bruises and rashes as well as enflamed areas of skin. If this oil is applied to the patient, it has been known to cure and clear up damaged areas of skin that have been irritated by rubbing, bruising, or other various forms of infection.

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Consisting of multiple oils in one, this solution fights infection and sickness similar to the common cold. It boosts the users immune system and promotes a healthier and safer lifestyle outside.

And there are many more oils to be discussed and tested. Check out Youngliving’s website and find out some of them for yourself!