Shalom Lamm’s Dedication to Honoring Jewish Heritage and Heroes


Shalom Lamm has always been a name synonymous with dedication, community service, and relentless pursuit of justice. Known for his numerous entrepreneurial ventures, Lamm has carved a unique path not just in the business world, but also within the Jewish community. His profound commitment to bettering the lives of those around him is evident in his latest endeavor, Operation Benjamin. This blog post aims to shed light on Shalom Lamm’s commendable efforts, particularly through Operation Benjamin—a nonprofit organization dedicated to honoring Jewish servicemen and women who lost their lives during World War II. We will explore Lamm’s motivation, the significance of his work for the Jewish community, and the larger impact of his initiatives.

The Journey of Shalom Lamm

Shalom Lamm’s entrepreneurial spirit has been evident for nearly four decades. He has successfully operated numerous businesses, each reflecting his strategic acumen and innovative mindset. However, the path to success has not always been smooth. Lamm has faced various challenges that tested his resolve and determination. These experiences have uniquely positioned him to understand where to invest his time and resources for maximum impact.

A Call to Duty

Lamm’s commitment to the Jewish community is deeply rooted in his identity and values. Upon learning about Jewish servicemen and women buried under Latin Crosses instead of the Star of David, he felt an overwhelming sense of duty to rectify this historical oversight. For Lamm, ensuring that these fallen heroes receive proper Jewish burials is not just a mission—it is a moral imperative.

Operation Benjamin

Operation Benjamin was born out of this passion and dedication. Named in honor of Private Benjamin Garadetsky, one of the many Jewish soldiers buried under a Latin Cross at the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial, the nonprofit organization aims to preserve the memories of Jewish soldiers while ensuring they receive traditional Jewish burials. The work of Operation Benjamin is a testament to Lamm’s unwavering commitment to honoring Jewish heritage and the sacrifices of Jewish servicemen and women.

Preserving Historical Integrity

One of the main objectives of Operation Benjamin is to set the historical record straight. By identifying Jewish soldiers buried under incorrect symbols, the organization works meticulously to correct these errors. This involves extensive research, coordination with families, and collaboration with various governmental and non-governmental organizations.

The Process of Re-identification

The process of re-identifying these soldiers is intricate and requires a great deal of sensitivity and accuracy. Researchers at Operation Benjamin comb through historical records, military archives, and personal testimonies to piece together the identities of Jewish servicemen. Once verified, they take steps to replace the Latin Crosses with Stars of David, thereby restoring the soldiers’ rightful heritage.

Community Engagement and Support

Operation Benjamin thrives on the support and engagement of the community. Volunteers, donors, and advocates play a crucial role in the organization’s success. Shalom Lamm believes that collective effort is paramount in achieving the mission’s goals, and he continuously seeks to involve more people in this noble cause.

Honoring the Families

Beyond correcting historical inaccuracies, Operation Benjamin places a strong emphasis on the families of the fallen soldiers. Providing closure and ensuring that their loved ones are honored according to Jewish traditions is a crucial aspect of the organization’s work. Families are actively involved in the reburial ceremonies, which are conducted with utmost respect and reverence.

The Broader Impact

Lamm’s efforts extend beyond individual burials; they aim to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of Jewish contributions to global history. By highlighting the bravery and sacrifices of Jewish servicemen and women, Operation Benjamin educates the public and strengthens the Jewish community’s sense of pride and heritage.

Challenges and Triumphs

The path to achieving these objectives is fraught with challenges. From bureaucratic hurdles to the emotional toll of dealing with families’ grief, the team at Operation Benjamin faces numerous obstacles. However, each successful reburial and each family’s gratitude serve as powerful reminders of the importance and impact of their work.

Inspiring Future Generations

One of the most admirable aspects of Shalom Lamm’s work with Operation Benjamin is its potential to inspire future generations. By preserving historical integrity and honoring Jewish heritage, Lamm sets a powerful example for young Jews around the world. His dedication teaches them the importance of remembering and respecting their roots while contributing positively to society.

The Role of Faith

Faith plays a significant role in Lamm’s endeavors. His deep-seated belief in Jewish values and traditions fuels his commitment to Operation Benjamin. This faith-driven approach not only guides his actions but also resonates with the broader Jewish community, garnering widespread support and admiration.

The Power of Legacy

Shalom Lamm’s work with Operation Benjamin underscores the power of legacy. Ensuring that Jewish servicemen and women are remembered and honored correctly is a profound way to preserve their legacy. It is a reminder that their sacrifices were not in vain and that their contributions to history are valued and respected.


In conclusion, Shalom Lamm’s dedication to the Jewish community through Operation Benjamin is a remarkable testament to his character and values. By addressing historical oversights and honoring Jewish servicemen and women with proper burials, Lamm is making a significant impact that resonates far beyond individual gravesites. His work fosters a deeper connection to Jewish heritage, inspires future generations, and strengthens the community’s collective identity. For those interested in supporting this noble cause or learning more, consider engaging with Operation Benjamin and joining Shalom Lamm in his mission to honor and preserve Jewish history.