How Long Does a 14 Mile Snake River Float Trip Take?

A float trip is a nice, relaxing way to view the beauty of the natural landscape and wildlife. A scenic float trip down the Snake River is one of the best ways to see the majestic Grand Teton Mountains in all their glory. 

How long does a 14 mile Snake River float trip take? It depends on a variety of factors. Here’s what you can expect so that you can plan your vacation days accordingly. 

Scenic Float Trips: What To Expect 

A scenic float trip is a calm ride on an inflatable boat on a smooth part of the river. There are no rapids on a float trip, which is the main difference between a float trip and whitewater rafting. You will not need to do any paddling and you can expect to stay dry (unless it is raining, in which case you may want some rain gear). A guide steers the boat and points out the scenery and wildlife as you go along. 

Trip Duration 

A 14 mile scenic float trip will typically take about half a day, or essentially 3-4 hours. The exact duration of the trip depends on a variety of factors, but primarily the speed of the river during the time of your trip. In the spring time when there is a lot of snow runoff from the mountains, the river will be flowing faster and your trip may take closer to 3 hours. In the later summer months it tends to slow down, making the trip take closer to 4 hours. In some cases, due to weather or other natural situations, parts of the river may be closed for safety and would not be fitting for a scenic float trip. This may somewhat shorten some trips. 

Is a 14 Mile Scenic Float Trip Too Long for Kids? 

If you’re taking a family trip with children, consider their ages before you book a scenic float trip. Children under the age of 6 may not be ready for a 14 mile, half day trip. Shorter trip  There may be a minimum age requirement for the type and length of scenic float trip you are booking. Be sure to get all of the information you need before booking. 

Other things to consider when it comes to taking kids on float trips is experience. Have they been on boats before? Do they get seasick or motion sickness? If you have any reservations, it may be better to wait until they are older to take a float trip. There are plenty of other ways to see the sights in the area, such as van tours and ATVs. 

Reserve Your Scenic Float Trip Now

You can book a scenic float trip on the Snake River well in advance of your arrival. This ensures that you reserve your spot, as these trips fill up fast during the spring and summer months. Don’t miss out on this essential part of your Jackson, Wyoming vacation. 

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