How Long Will Brass Bushings Last?

When creating anything, you need to make sure you have the proper parts —- the ones that are going to promote longevity. Not surprisingly, the small bushings that are found in various applications often hold the fate of the unit. In other words, choose the wrong bushing and your application may face an early demise.


More and more people are turning to brass bushings as their go-to option due to their strength and dependability. But just how long will they last?

Why Choose Brass Bushings?

Bushings can be made of all types of material, including metals and plastic. So, what makes brass so special? What makes it an ideal option for bushings?


Brass is an alloy made primarily of copper and zinc. It is a hard, strong metal that can be worked, molded, and formed without losing its shape along the way. Though, perhaps one of its most proud characteristics is that brass is resistant to corrosion.


You will find brass bushings used in applications where corrosion would be inevitable for most metals. Here is where it will continue to work optimally without issue.


Brass will not tarnish, it is a low-friction metal (another great option for bushings), and it is very malleable, too.


All of these characteristics make it the perfect metal option for bushings.

The Lifespan of Brass Bushings

There are many advantages to choosing brass bushings. For one, they are an affordable option that will be able to handle the heavy workload without failing. Plus, when used in underwater environments, you can feel confident that brass will hold up much better than other metal options due to its characteristics.


Most brass bushings can last for decades as long as they are properly maintained. After all, even though they seem to be a great option for many different scenarios, they do require routine maintenance.


  • Clear the bushing of debris buildup, such as dirt or mud
  • Keep bushings properly lubricated
  • Always stay within the PSI limits and within the proper temperatures


The better you care for your brass bushings, the greater the chance of longevity you will have.

Signs Brass Bushings Are Worn

While brass bushings can last a long time, they are not invincible. It is always a good idea to keep an eye out for signs that they may be worn. Here’s what to look for—


Listen for sounds that are different than what you are used to. This may indicate that your bushings are getting won as the pins inside of them will begin to drag across the metal. You will likely hear this. And, as soon as you begin to notice, take a closer look.


Do you see visible marks that the scratching of metal is taking place? If so, it is time to replace your brass bushings.


What if you hear unusual sounds but you don’t see scratches?


Trust your brass bushing and don’t be so quick to replace them. Sometimes all they need is a little extra attention. Clean them up and lubricate them. You may be surprised at how long they will continue to offer support in your application.


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