Keeping Your Pup Cool in the Warm Weather

The heat can really take a toll on your dog’s health. Much like their humans, dogs can get dehydrated, burn their paws on hot pavement, get sunburned, and even suffer from heat stroke.  

Thankfully, taking a few simple precautions can lead to life-saving results on a hot day. So, check out these tips to keep your pup safe.  

Always Have Water Available 

Whether you are at home, outside playing, on a walk, or going for a drive, always have water available for your pup. Water will help keep him cool – and keep him from suffering from dehydration.  

At home, monitor your dog’s water dish to ensure it is always freshly full.  

Choose Activity Time Wisely 

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If you are going for long walks or want to play a few games of fetch in the backyard, consider doing so in the early morning or as the sun is starting to set. This helps you to avoid danger by getting your pup overly active during the hottest part of the day.  

Watch Out for Hot Pavement 

Just as you don’t want your dog to have too much activity during the middle of the day, you want to avoid sidewalks, roadways, and other types of hot grounding during this time, too. The ground can hold the sun’s heat and it can wreak havoc on a dog’s paws.  

Early mornings or evenings are best. If you must go out when the sun is high in the sky – stick to the grass.  

How do you know if the ground is too hot? Touch it. If you put your hand on the pavement and you think it feels hot, then it is too hot for your pup.  

Never, Ever Leave Your Pup in a Parked Car 

During warm days, cars can get dangerously hot within minutes of being parked and turned off. It doesn’t matter whether a window is cracked or you are parked under a tree – leaving your dog in this situation can come with criminal charges in some states. Yes, it is that serious.  

Leave your pup at home in the cool air, leave the car running with the AC on, or take the dog inside with you.  

Make Some Frozen Treats 

Having a frozen treat on a hot day always brings relief. It is cooling and tasty, too. Just as you’d give your kids a popsicle, give your pup a cool treat, too.  

You can buy a few different types at local pet stores – and even the grocery store. Or, you can very easily make some that your dog is sure to love. It is as easy as blending fruit and water and freezing it in an ice tray.  

A quick internet search will yield a lot of recipes. Choose something you think your pup will love – and that is safe for him to consume.  

Just Be a Good Dog Owner 

When you agree to take on the responsibility of caring for your pup, you agree to take actions that are in the best interest of your pup. And that means keeping him safe and cool on a warm day.  

As long as you follow these tips and take precautions, you will be able to avoid a trip to the vet.  

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