New Hope for Migraine Sufferers.

Only those who actually suffer from migraine can know the agony of an attack, and the hope-draining anticipation of another one coming at any time. Migraines have been a mysterious and debilitating illness since the dawn of medical history — and doctors and researchers have yet to figure out exactly what triggers one of these massive headaches; it could be anything from allergies to trauma to the blinking of lights. Even the strongest painkillers and nerve blockers are only partially effective in alleviating the brutal pain of an attack.

So recent discoveries out in Tucson’s University Medical Center may bring some real hope at long last to migraine sufferers. 

Doctors and researchers there have been studying the effects of exposure to basic LED green light for an hour a day. So far, the results have been very encouraging. Without any extra medication or physical or mental therapy, test patients have seen their migraine headaches decrease by anywhere from ten to forty percent over a period of six months. They say the relief is a godsend. 

Researchers speculate that the specific wavelength of green light induces the brain to produce more endorphins that can flood the pain center of the brain when a migraine is imminent, either preventing it or moderating it significantly. Further study is required, but this may be the final chapter in man’s fight against migraine.