Packing Up Your Plants: A Guide

When you are transporting your plants for cross country moving, you have to remember that they are living things. You want to ensure that they have everything that they need for survival and a stable environment. This will ensure that once you unpack them, they do not require any extensive special care.

How to Pack Your Plants for Safety

Packing your plants properly help to ensure that they arrive safely when you are moving. If your plants are too big for their current container, repot them so that the roots have more space. This can help to prevent damage while you are traveling with your plants. You should also prune them because this will alleviate stress as you transport them.

Do not water them on the day of transportation if you can help it. However, you do want to ensure adequate hydration so that the soil retains some moisture during the ride.

When you are packing them up, ensure that they are all in secure pots. Use boxes that have good ventilation. For example, take cardboard boxes that poke holes in them. Label your boxes so that you can quickly identify your plants and unpack them when you arrive at your destination.

Maintaining the Proper Temperature During Transportation

The temperature requirements vary based on the types of plants you are transporting. For example, some need warmth and humidity, while others require a cooler environment to thrive. It is important to look up the temperature requirements for your plants and start there.

To protect plants from extreme heat, make sure that there is adequate ventilation in the vehicle. Good ventilation helps to create temperature stability and it dissipates heat. You also want to avoid direct sunlight. Use a breathable material to cover the plants or use a shade cloth to protect your plants.

For plants that prefer warmth, avoid cold drafts because this could shock your plants. Keep the windows closed and avoid opening doors as much as possible, especially if it is cold outside. During cold seasons, you should also use materials like straw, bubble wrap or blankets to insulate your plants against the cold.

Securing Your Plants During a Car Ride

When you are driving, there are some ways to keep your plants in place, so they are secure. Use a non-slip mat to put them on so they do not slide around as the vehicle is moving. Padding cushions your plants and gives them some extra stability so they are not moving around while you drive. Consider materials like old blankets, towels or bubble wrap.

You can also create braces or wedges for your plants. Rolling up some old towels is a good open. These help to keep your plants in place and can prevent them from falling over.

You have spent a lot of time picking out the perfect plants and ensuring that they grow and are healthy. Because of this, you want to ensure that you properly transport them so that they arrive at your destination, whether next town over or cross country, in good condition. Follow all of the instructions here for flawless travel with your plants.