Scrapbooking: What Can You Get Out of It?

Scrapbooking is not exactly a pastime that most people would consider cool. In fact, some might even regard it as unfashionable. With technology basically spoon feeding us with a myriad of ways to entertain ourselves, there’s almost no need for us to look beyond our smartphones for alternative hobbies like making scrapbooks.

This is where we should take a pause. Experts have agreed that excessive smartphone use can have detrimental effects on our psychological and emotional health. That alone should convince us to look for other means to pass the time. And here, we argue that scrapbooking is a viable substitute.

Contrary to popular belief, scrapbooking is not a demanding hobby. You do not need an entire garage of creative supplies to pursue this activity. You can start with the basics, such as solid colored papers, patterned paper, adhesives, pens, scissors and paper trimmers, and embellishment tapes. You can easily purchase these supplies online. To lessen your expenses, you can also recycle supplies you already have at home. It only takes a little creativity to envision those empty cereal boxes you have lying around as something potentially beautiful.

If you need more convincing, here are the benefits of scrapbooking you should know about.

1. Enhance your creativity

It’s about time we change our mindset about creativity. Sure some people are born with it. But creativity, like other skills, can also be practiced and even mastered. Scrapbooking is just one way to enhance your creative juices. And since there are no rules and restrictions, you can really go wild with your imagination.

The only rule is honesty. You’re scrapbooking for self-expression. Therefore it should be in line with your own aesthetic. If you’re scrapbooking and you’re not letting your inner self out in the process, the whole point of the activity is lost.

2. Turn your creations into gifts

These days you can purchase anything you can imagine. If you can think of it, chances are it’s already being sold. It’s not difficult finding a gift for someone you love. But if you want to level up your gift-giving game, nothing can express how much you care about someone better than a finished scrapbook that you made yourself.

So, list down some of the most special people in your life. Start making them a scrapbook and come the holidays, you’ll have the sweetest gift to give. Watch their faces turn from excitement to awe to happiness to pure love and gratitude once they open your gift.

3. Scrapbook to socialize

While most people who are into scrapbooking do it alone, no rule says that’s how it should be done. You can have your friends and loved ones gather for a scrapbooking party. You can all reminisce the old happy days together while turning those exact memories into something tangible.

Yes, you can scrapbook even if you’re an extrovert. The introverts don’t have a monopoly over scrapbooking.

4. Give your memories a tangible home

All of your pictures are probably in the cloud. Yes, they’re just a few clicks away on your laptop. And they’re quite secure. But don’t you feel like those wonderful memories are a little lonely where they are now? Don’t you think they deserve a better home? A scrapbooks the best home for those memories.

And you can easily pull them out from a living room drawer should friends and family come to visit. You do not have to access the cloud and risk being caught in an awkward situation where an NSFW picture of you flashes on the screen.

5. Get to know who you are

According to Aristotle, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” Knowing yourself is probably a lifelong process. But there are ways for you to expedite the journey. For instance, via activities that allow introspection. Scrapbooking is exactly that. Doing this activity compels you to listen to your inner voice and run with it.

Right now, there’s too much going on in the world that can easily send our mental health into a downward spiral. Spending too much time on our smartphones increases our susceptibility to anxiety and depression. To improve our frame of mind, we can rely on art therapy, to which scrapbooking belongs.

Aside from scrapbooking, you can also collage, doodle, sketch, sculpt, or knit. You don’t have to be a direct descendant of a great artist like Picasso or Dali to pull these off. All you need is an open mind and heart ready to express. Compared to doomscrolling, at least with these activities, in the end, you’ll have something to show for it.