Texas Attorney for Trucking Accident

Because Houston and surrounding areas are so large and well-known for traffic, it’s easy to get into car accidents. It can be even more dangerous when you add in the thousand semi-trucks that move through the city every day. With a population of millions, the big city can experience hundreds of thousands of car wrecks each year. 

In recent years, roughly 4,000 people have died in crashes involving semi-trucks. The number of wrecks have also actually gone up since 2009. It is certainly scary when you’ve gotten into a wreck with a large truck. There are steps to take, first, when you’ve been in a truck accident. 

What to do When You’re in a Large Truck Accident

1. Stop. Don’t leave the crash scene. You may be accused as a hit-and-run driver if you leave the scene. This is a serious offense whether you actually caused the crash or not. Remove yourself and other from the car and get to safety. It’s important to stay out of the way so you don’t get hurt any further. 

2. Call 911 to report the wreck. Ensure there is no one hurt. Find your phone, or someone who has one, and report the emergency. 

3. Tend to anyone who needs help, including yourself. 

4. If everyone is okay and help is on the way, try to capture pictures of the truck and the car. Focus on any debris, skid marks, and damage to surrounding areas. Get pictures of any injuries you or your passengers may have. Take pictures of the damage as well. It is best to get multiple pictures, from multiple angles, from multiple areas that were damaged. 

5. Get the names and contact information of all parties involved and those who may have seen the wreck. 

6. Go seek medical attention. You may be hurt and not even know it. Concussions and internal bleeding don’t show obvious symptoms at first. If you plan to eventually pursue a lawsuit, it’s important to get check out to prove you had injuries from the wreck. Medical records will allow for an upper hand in the lawsuit. If you don’t seek medical attention after the wreck, it can be inferred that your injuries weren’t that bad, and it can be used against you in the future. 

7.  Don’t post anything on the media. It can be saved and used against you. For example, posting that you are your passengers are okay on social media to reassure friends and family. This could be used against you in the future. 

In order to win your case, you’ll need to be sure that you are able to prove the wreck was caused by the defendant. Contact a Texas attorney for trucking accidents for any further information.