The Top 5 Baseball Catcher Gloves of 2022

Any baseball player knows the importance of a quality catcher glove. Click here for the top seven baseball catcher gloves of 2022 that are worth investing in.

Baseball isn’t a game that’s new. In fact, the first official game of baseball was played way back in 1846!

Now, baseball has come a long way since that first game back in the day, and today, it’s become a popular summer sport throughout the United States.

So, if you’re ready to break out the baseball bat and step up to the plate this summer, you’ll need to invest in some good catcher gloves. Here are the five best catcher glove options out there.

1. Allstar CM3031 Adult Comp 33.5″ Catchers Mitt

First on the list is the Allstar CM3031 catcher’s mitt. This catchers glove is made of cowhide leather and has a velcro close. It’s a high-quality glove that’s created by one of the top baseball gear companies on the market.

The mitt isn’t super affordable, clocking in at about $70. However, you can get some great discounts on it if you buy it before the season gets in full swing.

2. Akadema Prodigy AGC98 32 in Youth Catchers Mitt

This glove is designed for kids rather than adults, which makes it better for younger players on the field. The Akadema Prodigy glove has special shock-absorbing technology that prevents it from hurting little ones playing on the field.

3. Mizuno Franchise GXC90PB3 33.5 in Catchers Mitt

This mitt is made out of pre-oiled leather, which means that it’s already soft and broken in. That gets rid of all the stiffness that can make it hard to start getting your game on in the summer!

The glove has a youth design, so it’s not appropriate for kids. However, there are plenty of other Mizuno gloves on the market that adults can choose from.

4. Rawlings Renegade 32.5″ Catchers Mitt RCM325B

This glove is made out of solid web material and has a thick, comfortable back. That’s what makes the catchers glove such a comfortable as well as great for playing the game.

What’s cool about this glove is that it’s made of high-quality materials. You’ll be able to really step up your baseball game with this glove on your hands!

5. Wilson A2000 CM33 Pedroia Fit 33 inch Catchers Mitt

The Wilson A2000 CM33 Pedroia mitt might not be the most affordable option on the market, but it’s definitely worth the high price tag. This mitt is 33-inches and is perfect for those with a smaller hand.

On top of that, the love has an extended palm with closed web material. It’s made of blonde leather, which helps it last for a while and keep you going in your baseball game.

While the glove isn’t pre-oiled, it does have easy break-in material. That ensures maximum comfort and helps you keep your game strong no matter what.


Try on One of the Best Catcher Gloves

Are you ready to get started with some great baseball gear? Well, with this list, you’ve got all the information you need to get started with the best catcher gloves of the season.

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