This Billboard Eats Smog.

Ever get tired of all those billboards lining the freeways?

Well, what would you think about them if you knew that each one could suck up surrounding smog and turn it into crystal pure oxygen released back into the atmosphere?

University students in Monterray, Mexico, have invented a special resin that, when applied to large areas like a billboard, actually suck the smog particles out of the air and then turn them into clean oxygen using the energy of sunlight. Their first billboard went up in Monterray just a few months ago, and after taking measurements, scientists found that the billboard generates the equivalent of 30 trees every six hours. 

And if you think THAT is a crazy good idea, wait till you hear about the Smog-Free Towers being installed near airports around the world by the Roosegaarde Studio. These towers use powerful fans to suck in particulate-heavy atmosphere around airports — which is saturated with carbon-based PM2.5 and PM10 particles — and then turning the carbon into industrial grade diamonds. The towers are solar-powered, and their inventors hope to have enough of them up and running in the next few years to pay for their initial construction with the diamonds they create. Talk about turning a sow’s ear into a silk purse!