Tips to Save Money on your Motoring

We’re all looking for ways to reduce our outgoings, especially during these uncertain times, and there are a few ways that you can cut your motoring costs that you may not have considered. Here are a few tips to save you money on your vehicle running costs.

  • Used Parts – When a car is scrapped as an insurance write-off all usable components are removed and reconditioned by the breakers yard, then offered for sale to the genral public. Once a component has been reconditioned, the yard would issue a warranty and you will save around 50% on the cost of a new part. Next time you need a component, check out the local car breakers yard and they would have a computerised inventory and can tell you in an instant if they have the part you need.
  • Online Car Insurance – Many motorists are unaware that they can find cheap car insurance online and with Rabbit 2nd class car insurance, you have premier cover at an affordable price. It is very easy to compare quotes when online and some insurers will beat any quote from a registered car insurance firm.
  • Partly Worn Tyres – You may already be aware that you can buy used tyres in very good condition from the tyre supplier and a Google search will bring up a list of garages that offer second-hand tyres, which results in a big saving when you are changing all 4 tyres. One of the reasons there are many used tyres on the market is that people like wide wheels and often will change the wheels and tyres on a brand-new car, so there are some great bargains to be had if you know where to look.
  • Driving Habits – If you like to pretend you are Lewis Hamilton, always looking for the racing line and driving the car like a professional would, your car will be guzzling fuel at an alarming rate. A shift in driving habits that include less power when accelerating and correct use of gears will lead to a significant drop in fuel usage. Click here for further reading on how technology is improving the driving experience.
  • Self-Service – If you have the tools and the ability, why not service the car yourself? Changing the engine oil and filters is no big deal and with the high costs of labour, you can save quite a bit if you are prepared to get your hands dirty. If unsure, there is always YouTube ‘how to’ videos to come to the rescue. Many drivers love to work on their car and are keen to purchase add-ons, which are cheaper from the online supplier.

We all need to watch our spending and with the above tips, we hope that you can reduce your motoring costs and get the best out of your driving experience. Driving should be enjoyable, no matter where you are and if you can manage to save a little money, this can be used for other things.