Top 4 Most Replaced Car Parts

Making sure your vehicle is in proper working order is of the utmost importance. When parts start to wear and maintenance is lax, attorneys for truck accidents and mechanics alike will tell you that it’s a surefire recipe for things to go wrong on the road. Instead of getting caught unawares by surprise repairs, though, stay on top of things by reading up on some of the most commonly replaced car parts. After this, you’ll know exactly what sort of maintenance to keep an eye on.

The Oil Filter

Your vehicle’s oil filter is there to remove all those contaminants and tiny bits from your engine oil. If those tiny bits aren’t filtered out, they can wreak havoc by wearing down on the surfaces within your engine. In other words, it’s a part of what keeps your engine clean, and your engine can get dirty and damaged when the filter isn’t doing its job properly. Oil filters have to be replaced every three to six months in order to maintain optimal efficiency.

Brake Pads

No need to explain what your brakes are for, but there may be some confusion over how often you’ll need to change them. Brake pads can wear down at variable rates, depending on several factors. How you drive will have a large influence, with abrupt stopping wearing brakes down faster. The environment you drive in plays a role as well, with city driving taking its toll harder than country driving. By and large, though, you’ll have to replace your pads every few years if you want to keep your vehicle in good shape.


We’ve all seen a vehicle from time to time that’s riding around on bald tires. Letting your tires wear down to that point is obviously a hazard, as it makes it harder to control your vehicle and increases the likelihood of a dangerous blowout on the highway. You should change your tires at regular intervals, and be sure to check the tread to see if you need to swap them out earlier than expected.


Your car battery is essential for supplying power to your vehicle. Like most automotive parts, though, it won’t last forever. Unless you want to be stuck somewhere with a dead battery, you’ll want to change yours well before it starts to falter. Every four to five years is when that battery will start to wear down, so be sure to swap in a new battery just a bit before then.