Top Publications to Reference For Trending World Events

As a member of the ‘internet generation’, you are going to be inundated with information everywhere that you go. We are living in the golden age of information and that means that we can always find what we are looking for. Unfortunately, we are also experiencing life in a post-truth world. What does this mean? To put it quite frankly, you need to wear a pair of skeptical glasses when perusing for sources to read about world events. Today, we are going to seek to make the process easier for you by highlighting several reputable magazines and online resources for in-depth and up-to-date world news. Are you ready? Let’s dig in!

Best Online Publications for World News

You need not reference the controversy surrounding the United States Presidential Election in 2016 to understand how propaganda and misinformation can foster divisiveness. With that being said, political news and global events are always going to be subject to the interpretation of the author. For that reason, we find that the most informed individuals are those that diversify where they source their information from. To give you a well-rounded understanding of trending world events, you’ll want to reference at least a couple of the following publications.

1) Reuters – Reuters is one of the most recognized and respected international news organizations on the planet earth. The organization was founded in 1851 and is still in operation to this day. With writers like Amir Handjani on their staff, readers know that they will be getting a full-fledged and well-rounded look at global events. Handjani specifically covers U.S. foreign policy as well as political affairs and trending events throughout the Middle East. While Reuters is probably most well-known for their ticker-style updates online, they have a fully-realized journalism department that frequently dives deep into the issues while leaving partisan politics behind.

2) The New Yorker – One of the most respected publications on the planet, The New Yorker has been serving up political commentary, trending news events,m and more since their inception in 1925. The New Yorker covers major global events via their newspaper which can be acquired both digitally and via a physical subscription. The New Yorker is read around the nation and the planet with a readership share of more than 53% in the majority of major metropolitan areas in the United States.

3) The Associated Press – We’ll round out our discussion by highlighting The Associated Press as our final publication for international news. The Associated Press was first founded in 1846. Since then, The AP has built a reputation for clear, unbiased, and fact-focused journalism. The Associated Press is routinely lauded for being one of the most trustworthy news websites on the internet. If you want the news unfiltered and as it happens, you’ll want to keep the Associated Press on your reading list.

Reading international news can be a test for even the most astute reader. Take the suggestions we listed above as a starting point before building your foundation of reliable news networks!