What Bra Sizes Are There

If you are in the market for a new bra, perhaps you are wondering about the available sizes and how to obtain the perfect fit for you. This blog post will delve into various bra sizes and how to measure for the ideal fit, as well as examine different bra types and the sizing system in France. After reading this post, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the available bra sizes and how to acquire the suitable one for you.

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Understanding France’s Bra Sizing System

Understanding bra sizes can be confusing, especially when it comes to the French sizing system. This system is quite different from other countries’ sizing systems because it uses a combination of letters and numbers to indicate the size. In this section, we’ll explain how the French bra sizing system works and how you can use it to find the perfect fit for your body.


The French bra sizing system is based on measurements of the rib cage and bust size. To determine your band size, you need to measure your rib cage with a measuring tape, then add five inches (13 cm) for US sizes or 8 cm for UK sizes. To figure out your cup size, measure around your chest at its fullest point, then subtract the band measurement from this number. The difference between these two numbers determines which cup volume you need. For example, a 1-inch (2 cm) difference indicates an AA cup, 2 inches (4 cm) indicate an A cup and so on, up to an H cup in some cases.

Now that you know what measurements are used for determining bra sizes in France, how do you go about finding the right size according to those measurements? There are plenty of brands out there that offer bras in French sizes, such as Eres or Chantelle, which makes things easier! Additionally, there are international conversion charts that allow you to convert US or UK bra sizes into their equivalent French equivalents. Just make sure that when doing so, always round down if necessary.

When shopping for bras in France, or any country’s sizing system, keep these tips in mind: watch HerRoom’s How To Measure Your Bra Size Expert Video for more information, know your bust size, band size and cup volume, use DIY Bra Sizing instructions if needed, use international conversion charts if necessary, and remember that bra sizes vary by country and region due to historical traditions, local preferences, and measuring techniques. So make sure you check before ordering online!

Different Types Of Bras Available

It is important to know the different types of bras available and the various bra sizes that exist. Understanding these options can help you find the perfect bra for your body type, whether you are searching for a standard or plus size, band & cup widths, or different styles.

An overview of different bra sizes available reveals that both standard and plus size options exist in all shapes and sizes. If you are larger-breasted, consider plus size bras designed with additional fabric coverage for added support and comfort.

Factors such as band & cup width differences come into play when selecting the right type of bra for your body shape, so measure around your rib cage and over the fullest part of your bust to determine your standard size. If you have a larger bust size, going up one or two cup widths can provide extra comfort and support, but make sure to get fitted first.

Different styles of bras are available depending on the desired amount of coverage, such as full coverage bras which are designed to cover more of the breast while providing support, shaping, and enhancing cleavage. Compression bras are ideal for bringing breasts closer together, while encapsulation bras separate them for maximum bounce control.

When purchasing a new bra, ensure that it provides adequate support and consider labels indicating level, such as light, medium, or firm. Utilize sister sizing if necessary by going up one band size and down one cup size, or vice versa. Additionally, consider the material’s suitability for certain activities. Cotton is usually ideal, but synthetic fabrics like spandex may work better during high-impact activities like running.

In conclusion, wearing the right type of bra can make all the difference in both feel and appearance. Take time to research different options before making any purchases to find the perfect fit for your body type.

How To Measure For The Perfect Fit

Finding the perfect fit for a bra is essential for comfort and confidence. It’s important to understand the different sizes available and how to measure correctly. With that knowledge, you can then determine the right size of bra for your body type and choose one that fits perfectly. Let’s explore what bra sizes are available, how to measure correctly, and some tips on finding the best fit for you.

Bra sizes are based on a combination of two measurements: frame (underband) measurement and bust measurement. To start measuring yourself, first measure your frame by wrapping a measuring tape around your ribcage where the wire of your bra normally sits. Then measure around your bust over nipples at its fullest point. Subtract your frame measurement from this bust measurement, which will give you an indication of what cup size you need – A through DD depending on country sizing standards or international sizing charts as different countries may have different sizing standards – followed by determining what band size would be necessary based on these measurements – 28 through 44 depending on country sizing standards or international sizing charts as mentioned before.

Once these measurements have been taken, compare them to a common bra size chart online to find out exactly which size is perfect for you! It’s best to wear a non-padded non-wired bra while taking measurements in order to get an accurate result; if needed, use a calculator instead! Keep in mind that variations in cup sizes may occur due to differences in body types, so make sure that even when using tools like calculators or charts, they match up with the physical results obtained from taking those initial measurements mentioned above! The importance here is finding both the correct band and cup size, so don’t rush this step even if it seems tedious; it will pay off when finding something that fits perfectly!

Understanding Bra Sizes To Find The Right Fit

Wearing the correct bra size is essential to feeling comfortable and looking your best. That’s why it’s important to understand bra sizes and measure accurately to find the perfect fit. In this section, we will discuss different types of bras according to the cup size, tips for measuring correctly, and more.

The standard system for measuring bra sizes is based on French sizing. It begins at 85 cm (34 inches) around the ribcage with cup sizes increasing from A to J. It’s important to note that UK sizing measures differently than French sizing, so ensure that you are using the correct measurement system when shopping for bras.

Properly measuring your band and cup size is crucial to finding the perfect fit. To do this correctly, take a snug but comfortable measurement around your ribcage under your bust line with a tape measure. Then subtract it from your bust measurement to get an accurate band size reading, which ranges from 28-48 (UK). Sister sizes are also a helpful way of finding a good fit. If one size doesn’t fit, try another. Referring to international bra cup size charts can also aid in obtaining an accurate reading.

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When purchasing bras online or in-store, be aware of the difference in cup size between letter cups within different band lengths, as they can vary significantly. Generally, larger cups will require smaller bands and vice versa. When traveling with bras, proper packing techniques such as folding them carefully or putting them into zip-up bags can prevent them from getting damaged while on-the-go.

Lastly, don’t worry if you don’t get the perfect fit right away. Use a bra sizing chart or try sister sizes until you find something that fits well. Understanding how bra sizes work can make all the difference when trying on new lingerie pieces or shopping online. By having proper measurements and knowledge about what constitutes a good fit, you can rest assured that your choices will be flattering no matter where you go!

To Summarize

Bra sizes can be confusing, especially when it comes to understanding the sizing system of different countries. This blog post explores various bra sizes and how to measure for the perfect fit, as well as looks at different types of bras available. Now you have a comprehensive understanding of what bra sizes are out there and how to go about finding the perfect one for your body type. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to find the right size and style that fit your needs in no time! So get out there and start shopping for your perfect-fitting bra today!