What Is A Tree Donation And How Much Does It Cost

With the world in the middle of a climate crisis, it can feel like there isn’t all that much the average person can do to help. It leaves a feeling of helplessness in your mouth, but luckily, there is a cheap way everyone can help out! Tree donation charities accept small donations and, in return, plant a tree in your name. 

How much will it cost you, though, you ask? Well, keep reading on, and all your questions shall be answered! 

A Quick Word on Tree Donations

If you are wondering what tree donations are, here is a quick answer to your question. Tree donations are when a charity or business pledges to plant a tree for a certain price somewhere in the world. For example, the Woodland Trust will plant a tree in the UK to help restore the woodland. 

There are dozens of tree donation charities, all focusing on a different part of the world. Some allow you to plant dedication trees, and others are perfect for giving as a gift to friends or family. No matter your interest, there is a tree donation charity for you. 

Every Charity is Different

Simply put, no one answer fits the question of how much a tree donation costs. Most large or federally-owned tree donation charities will plant a tree for every dollar you donate. There is no limit on how many trees you can have planted in your name, so feel free to donate as much or as little as you want. 

If you have extra money and want to do a special dedication or gifted tree, you can find plenty of online businesses that will plant trees for you. These trees often cost a lot more than charities, but you can get plaques, certificates, and other tangible reminders of the tree or trees you planted. 

What is the Actual Cost of Planting a Donated Tree?

While these costs may not be the same for every tree donation charity, OneTreePlanted.org has shared how much it costs to plant a tree. They are one of the many charities that plant one tree per dollar donated in your name and are currently one of the largest tree donation charities. 

The tree seed or seedling costs between $0.30 and $0.80; preparing where the tree will be planted and then actually planting the tree costs around $0.20 to $0.50 per tree; equipment and materials for planting the tree are between $0.05 and $0.20 per tree, and finally, it costs $0.30 to $1 per year for three years to maintain and monitor the tree. 

It costs between $3.85 on the low end and $4.50 per tree to plant and maintain, which is far more than the $1 per tree they ask for.  

Tree donations are a great way to help keep the planet livable for humans and the animal species we share it with. 

If you would like to gift a tree for a wedding, funeral, birthday, or any other form of special event, then check out The Gifted Tree. They plant trees all around the world for affordable prices!