What Should I Bring On a River Float Trip?

Let’s ditch the worry and truly embrace the adventure!  Vacations and retreats are meant to be times of exploration and rejuvenation, but fretting over every belonging back at the campsite or hotel room can steal the joy from the experience. Imagine that perfect hike or kayaking trip – wouldn’t it be better enjoyed without the nagging fear about your stuff? We get it; leaving valuables behind can be nerve-wracking, but packing light for these outings is critical. Bring only the essentials you’ll need, and let go of the anxieties that might hold you back from experiencing everything your destination offers. After all, memories are the most valuable souvenirs you can bring back.

What to Bring

Most rafting companies are well-equipped to ensure your safety and comfort during the trip  – they provide a life jacket to keep you afloat and a rain poncho to shield you from unexpected showers. They might even offer water refills to keep you hydrated throughout the adventure.  To add a personal touch to your experience, consider packing a few extras in a compact backpack.  

A camera to capture the thrilling rapids and breathtaking scenery is a must-have. Binoculars can enhance wildlife spotting, while a lightweight jacket provides warmth on cooler mornings or after a refreshing dip. And don’t forget some energy-boosting snacks!  Remember, eco-friendly options are key – skip the bulky packaging and opt for resealable containers or reusable bags filled with trail mix, granola bars, or your favorite energy bites. This way, you can stay fueled for the journey without leaving any unwanted traces behind.

What to Wear

Embrace comfort and be prepared for a temperature change! While you likely won’t get soaked on most float trips, the river breeze can have a surprising chill.  Think of your outfit like a choose-your-own-adventure story… If you’re comfortable outside right now, pack an extra layer just in case.  A small backpack is your friend, especially for one-way trips where you won’t return to the starting point. Now, for your feet: good news! They’ll probably stay dry, so wear comfy tennis shoes or flip-flops. Just keep the river vessel in mind – avoid shoes that could damage it, like clunky hiking boots, high heels, or anything with stiff soles.

When is the Best Time of Year to Float?

The beauty of river rafting is its adaptability – any time can be the perfect time for a scenic float, as long as the conditions are safe! Reputable rafting companies understand this and are dedicated to creating an unforgettable experience, filled with knowledge and wonder.  Imagine gliding down the Snake River while your guide unveils the secrets of Grand Teton National Park. You might learn fascinating facts about the park’s diverse wildlife, delve into its rich history, or gain insights into the region’s unique geology.  Curious about what to expect on your specific adventure? Don’t hesitate – contacting your guide company the day before your trip is a great way to get all the details and ensure you’re fully prepared for a day of excitement on the water!

Solitude Float Trips is committed to providing a fun, educational, beautiful and memorable river experience. The focus is on providing the best scenic float trips in the business, and the goal is for each guest to walk away empowered to help protect and conserve these lands for future generations.