Why You Should Wear Platform Shoes to a Rave

No outfit is complete without shoes – and especially when it comes to a rave! Rave shoes are really the thing that help to tie your whole outfit together. Not only that, but shoes are also functional as well. That’s why it’s so important to wear good shoes to a rave – but what kind of shoes should you wear? Everyone in the rave scene agrees that you should wear platform shoes to a rave, and here’s why:

What Are Platform Shoes?

Platform shoes have been around for a long time but have recently experienced a big comeback thanks to rave fashion. Platform shoes come in a variety of different styles ranging from boots to sandals – all with a large platform on the sole. The size of the platform ranges a lot as well – you can see platforms range from one inch to five inches! 

Why Should You Wear Platform Shoes to a Rave?

Platform shoes are definitely popular but there’s more to them than that! Platform shoes aren’t just great for raves because of their style and look but because of their functionality. There’s really nothing worse than walking around in high heels all day. Heels can cause horrible feet pain and blisters – things that you definitely don’t want to be dealing with at a rave. Platforms are a more comfortable alternative to high heels that still give you some height while not totally killing your feet and allowing you to really enjoy your time at the event. Also, platform shoes are perfect for a lot of rave venues that have dirt and sand. With platforms, you don’t have to worry about stuff getting into your shoes or having your heels get stuck in the ground. Platform shoes are the perfect mix of style and functionality for raves!  

How to Style Platform Shoes at a Rave?

While you might think that platform shoes are a straightforward concept there are actually a lot of different varieties! There are different styles, heel types, heel heights, colors, materials, etc.

Here are your options when it comes to heel types:

  • Straight platforms
  • Platforms with an inclined heel
  • Platforms with a separate chunky heel

When it comes to heel heights – we say the bigger the better! Most platform shoes range in height from three to five inches but the most important thing is that you choose a height that you are comfortable with and can move around in. 

Some of our favorite styles for platform shoes are:

  • Platform combat boots
  • Platform sandals
  • Platform sneakers
  • Reflective platform shoes
  • Holographic platform shoes
  • Thigh high platform boots
  • Buckle platform boots
  • Glitter platform shoes
  • Go-go platform boots

Long story short, platform shoes are the best shoes to wear to a rave. Not only do they go great with other rave fashion staples like booty shorts, crop tops, and fishnet stockings but they are more comfortable than traditional high heels. When at a rave, it’s important to prioritize your comfort so that you can truly enjoy your time and dance your heart out instead of complaining about your feet hurting. The location for most raves is also a perfect match for platform shoes. You really have to dress for location when it comes to raves – especially when you will be encountering things like dirt and sand. In addition to facemasks, platform shoes are a great thing to have when navigating through the festival grounds. So even though platform shoes are nothing new, they have experienced a huge resurgence in recent years mostly because of rave culture! So grab your favorite pair of platforms and start jamming out!