4 A-List Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Best Kept Secrets About Small Business

Daymond Johnson

Think What You Are

You become what you think about the most, according to  Daymond Johnson. What is on your mind the most? Are you already considering who to choose in your fantasy football league for the next fall, or are you considering ways to make extra money? Your business won’t succeed if your attention is not on it. You believe that you are shy, a terrible salesperson, or an introvert. You will become that because people become what they believe. Consider this advice and consider what you want to be and what you want to happen.

Kevin Harrington

Create fresh concepts that your rivals haven’t yet considered.

You can only maintain your lead by developing concepts that your new rivals haven’t yet considered. Small business grants can help finance new concepts. Though ideas are plentiful, they are the initial step in developing new goods and services. Those who quickly implement these concepts and advertise them are rewarded. It takes innovation and imagination to succeed in business. What actions do your rivals not take? You need to introduce novel concepts that nobody else has thought of if you want to rule the market.

Application: Spend some time today considering what your rivals are not doing.

Les Brown 

Help Others Realize Their Dreams, and Your Own Dreams Will Come True

No matter what sector you are in, this is true. You will be rewarded in the market if you provide value and actually assist others. Continually give. The adage “It’s better to give than to receive” is true, but in the case of selling, the offering must come first. You are then in a position to sell and receive. Giving rather than taking, serving rather than selling, helping your client first, then completing the sale, are all aspects of selling. Aid others, including other entrepreneurs,  in achieving their goals.

Application: List the products you sell that benefit others. Be more precise. How does the world benefit from your good or service? Then consider how to improve this and add even more value.

Russell Brunson

Find a lucrative market and research how to enter it.

You can simply be in the wrong line of work at times. Discover what sells and market it. Even if you have a fantastic idea, you won’t be in business for very long if there is no market for it. People purchase products to address issues. What issue is addressed by your offering? What major issues do you notice in your neighborhood? Every issue presents a chance. For the successful, problems are like food for the starving. When you start providing comprehensive solutions to enormous numbers of customers, you know you are entering a competitive market.

Application: Does the product you’re selling genuinely address the issue? Make a list of all the markets that are hot this evening. Why are they so desirable? What issues do they address?

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