Author of Million Dollar Miracle, Michael Bash

Michael Bash author of Million Dollar Miracle: How to Earn Millions of Dollars in a Single Day and Never work again shares his secret formula of how to buy and rezone land for a large profit and to repeat the process. With over 50 years of expertise, Michael Bash offers his wisdom and knowledge gained from how to apply his rezoning principles. Through his stories and humor you’ll learn how Michael became a millionaire in rezoning, and how you can achieve the same!

What’s your story? How did you get this idea? *

I was born and was raised in Jerusalem. At a young age, I was interested in religion and loved the tale of how the apostle Paul/Saul acquired the city and expanded it. I’ve always had an interest in electronics. I even had an uncle in New Jersey who could help me. I emigrated to the U.S., and after having completed my education, I was offered an electronics job. There I helped to reprocess an operational instrument which increased from 1 unit up to 24 units. These two instances that stick in my head where I realized that I could modify something to improve it to increase its output and productivity, and also how it helped others.

Define the steps involved in starting the business. *

Rezoning involves a number of primary steps. First, you must research the area of land you would like to purchase to be rezonable by researching the kind of place it’s in, what kind of schools that are in the vicinity, nearby businesses, etc. The next step is attending city council meetings and meet those who are involved in the process, such as council members and the mayor as well as neighbors. If you meet these individuals before hand and help them get to their goals, they could be more likely to aid you. For example, I bought a 20-acre property for cheap due to an incinerator nearby. With the help of a tall wall and beautifying the property I was able to hide the things that most people find ugly. I then negotiated with the neighbors for their approval by using 1 acre of the property to improve the size of their property.

Since the launch, what’s been the most effective strategy to draw and keep customers? (or from other companies/investors who will)*

It’s my ability connect with people especially women that has assisted me in business and life. I’m a person of good will who’s always been a fan of people. I grew up that way, not something that was handed down to me. I also love charity work and enjoy helping those with less resources.

What’s your current situation and what do you think the future will look like? *

At 90 years old I’m healthy and robust! I talked to a mystic once, who said to me that I’ll live to the age of 102! I’d like to write a new book in the next few years. I’m also looking to work with a younger person who I could teach and who can assist me with the running around for the one-time rezoning task.

When you first started your business, have you learned anything valuable or useful? *

I’ve learned a lot in all my decades of rezoning homes. Many people are in the wrong places when looking for properties to purchase or develop. Instead look to areas that are vacant and undeveloped.

What platform/tools do you use for your company? *

I don’t utilize any tools or platforms to run my business. I depend on my people skills, my ability to identify and take advantage of opportunities whenever I come across it. My ability to communicate with others and my genuine desire to help others is my tool and platform.

What have been the most influential books, podcasts, or other resources? *

I’ve always loved reading from the age of a child. Freud, Russian novels come to mind. When it comes to his work, I don’t believe you require books. In the beginning, I met an excellent real estate professional who was older than I am. He taught me many things about the real estate business. I also bought property from him so it was a win-win situation.

Tips for other entrepreneurs looking to start or just beginning their journey? *

Find someone in the field of real estate. If you don’t know anybody, call a few people and get to know the people to determine which would be a good fit. Try to create a win-win-win situation in which you learn from them and you can help them as well. Be sure to not follow conventional ways of doing things.