4 Leading Couples Apps, According to Relish

Nike+ Training Club

If you want a sophisticated app that helps you crush your fitness goals with ease, then the Nike+ Training Club app might be the perfect solution for you. The app features guided workouts by professional trainers from around the world, and the engaging content is always updated and changing to provide a fun and exciting environment. From yoga to intense cardio, the workouts can vary greatly. And don’t worry if you’re a beginner; there are workouts designed to suit all experience levels. If you and your partner used to have a great gym routine but it was halted by the pandemic, then the Nike+ app could be a great resource to get back into it. The “Training Club” feature works just like the gyms you’re used to, which offers gym level workouts in your home, or wherever you want to break a sweat. Be sure to check out the Nike+ Training Club app to finally reach the peak of your fitness goals!

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If you love hitting the trail for a good run, then the MapMyRun app could be ideal for you. Whether you want to track mileage, time, or calories burned, MapMyRun can do it with ease. Additionally, you’re then able to compare the stats from all of your workouts, helping you track and conquer your fitness goals with ease. There is even a community feature where you can engage with like-minded runners in your area!


Strava is another popular fitness app that excels at tracking your workouts. The app allows you to easily track and analyze your run and bike mileage, helping you track your distance, pace, and when you may have room for improvement. Another great feature is that the app has a “Compete” option, which allows the user to see record times and speeds from other Strava users, giving them the option to compete against those records.

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Charity Miles

If you want to do good for your body while also supporting a good cause, then you may want to look into the Charity Miles app. When you rack up mileage; whether that be through walking, running, hiking, or biking; those miles are transferred into money that is then donated to one of the 40 charities partnered with the app. The charities address a wide variety of different social causes, such as health, animals, the environment, education, and more.

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Keep a Healthy Mind with Relish

Whether you’re a couple or an individual trying to focus more on your fitness regime, you need a healthy mind in order to conquer your health and wellness goals. That’s where Relish can help. Relish is the #1 relationship training app in the App Store, and it’s geared for both couples and individuals who want to live a happier, healthier life.

Our smart platform allows you to find the help you need, and our 1-on-1 coaching sessions allow for a personalized experience like no other. Check Relish out today for a 7-day free trial!

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