Should I Move in With My Significant Other?

Should I Move in With My Significant Other?  

First, you must understand that moving in with your significant other is the most significant step that you can make as a couple together with other than marriage.

It is a big decision to decide to move with another individual and try to commit your living space to dwell together harmoniously. Learning how to do it properly takes time, and you cannot expect things to always go smoothly. As long as you are willing to make compromises and you understand that things may have some friction at times, then you will be in good shape. Make sure that you trust each other and then go ahead and try it out.

 Best Ways to Make the Big Decision Responsibly   

There are a few ways that you can evaluate whether you believe that you and your significant other are ready to make the big step of moving in together. You must consider the following advice to ensure that you do not make a hasty decision and wind up doing something that you will regret and also cost yourself serious money down the line.

  • Evaluate the Goals of Moving In Together  

Whenever people move in together, it usually is for one of two reasons: desire or need. If you need to move in with your significant other because there are difficulties in your lives and you cannot afford to live separately, then you may need to consider your other options. It’s not a good idea to rush in to move in with your significant other because you are unable to support yourself financially, that is not setting yourself up for success as a couple.

  • How Long Have You Known Each Other?  

How long have you known your significant other? How familiar are you with their nighttime and early-morning habits? Have you slept shared a bed before? These are all things to consider if you are serious about trying to move in with someone.

It is not a good idea to move in with someone unless you know what you are getting in to, and you are comfortable with it. The can before then can be a hasty decision that winds up hurting both of you at the end of the day.

  • Do You Know How They Are on a Bad Day?  

You and your significant other both put on your best faces for each other every time you saw each other whenever you very first met, and it will be the same for anyone who falls in love. This is an entirely normal process; it is reasonable to try to impress someone that you fancy.

However, eventually, they will have a bad day when you are living with them. If you have yet to see how they behave in on a bad day, then you might want to wait until you do, because they could become an entirely different person to the point that it is a deal breaker for you.

You never know until you have experienced it. There could be nothing to worry about it all too.

 How Are They With Their Finances?   

Personal finances are a tricky area for many people. It can be challenging to manage them if you are an experienced at living on your own, let alone if you try to start co-mingling your finances with those of another individual who has poor impulse control. If your partner has poor financial habits it is important to let them know your concerns and work with them towards responsible financial practices. For instance; when you are moving in together it is important that you list all of your shared expenses such as rent, internet provider, insurance, dominion east utility, food, etc. Once you have listed your essential expenses you can then work on a budget, track your expenses and see where you can save. When starting out with budgeting and saving money it is important to make small changes so you do not get burnt out; ditching coffee shops and take-out can save you a ton of money but initially you might want to limit the amount of times you go out for food or coffee. Money problems are a huge factor in arguments amongst couples so it is important that you have an open line of communication about your finances and money struggles as well as a plan of action to work together towards financial freedom.