5 Best GPS Trackers for Cars

Consumer interest in GPS tracking devices is at an all-time high. Drivers want the ability to track their vehicles to thwart car theft, tracking teen drivers, and compile performance history of their cars. They also help in the event you need seasoned car accident representation

For businesses, trackers are an excellent way to monitor employees as well as claim tax deductions for mileage. If you’re interested in buying one, these are the best five GPS trackers on the market. 

1. Americaloc GL300W Mini Portable

Americaloc’s tracker comes with a high price tag, but the cost comes with top-level features. First, the magnetic case allows for the device to be easily hidden on any vehicle. With multiple weeks of battery life, the GL300W outlasts all of its competitors. 

After connecting to the compatible app, you can track movement and speeding like with most trackers. This model also allows you to enter leaving and entering zones, offering alerts when a vehicle interacts with those spaces.

2. Linxup OBD GPS Tracker

For a more budget-friendly model, the Linxup OBD offers plenty of features for a fair price. This device plugs into your car’s OBD port, making it an easily usable option. It offers standard tracking features like the rest, but there’s more in store. 

You’ll have visible Google Maps to view, text alerts for things like movement, email alerts for double-visibility, and a unique maintenance tracking feature for performance history. There are also driver performance metrics. 

3. Automatic PRO AUT-350 OBD II

The Automatic PRO AUT-350 is a unique tracker. Skipping monthly fees, Automatic uses a 3G unlimited data plan in a 5-year subscription. It also features a built-in code scanner, which understands check engine lights. Throw in automatic alerts to emergency services in the even of an accident, and this is one exceptional option. 

The information collected from the PRO AUT-350 OBD can help you and a car accident claim attorney prove liability and claim compensation in a case. On a lighter note, it also features Alexa and Nest compatibility, which means you can use IFTTT as well. 

4. BrickHouse Security TrackPort OBDII 

For a reliable tracker at a reasonable price, BrickHouse Security offers the TrackPort OBDII. This model allows you to track a single vehicle or an entire fleet in one instance, making it useful for businesses as well. 

You can access a satellite aerial image of your car via the app, tacking its current location. There are also fast alerts to inform you of any immediate movement, travel reports, and a panic button for emergency services if needed. 

5. Mileage Ace WiFi M2 GPS

For businesses, Mileage Ace’s WiFi M2 GPS is one of the best options. You can track the mileage of all your drivers as well as their locations, creating mileage logs. This eliminates human error through an air-tight digital system. Not only does that help businesses save money, but it comes in handy when claiming deductions in tax season.