6 Reasons a Fireplace Mantel Should be Part of Your Remodel

How many areas of your home would you like to remodel? If you’re like most people, you probably lost count. After living in the same home for many years, it’s easy to get tired of the same old scenery. Even a small remodel can make all the difference.

If you’ve got a remodel coming up, there are several small things you can add that will make a huge aesthetic difference. One of those small jobs is to get a new fireplace mantel and here’s why.

1. A new fireplace mantel will make you feel cozy in your home

When was the last time you wanted to curl up on the couch in front of the fireplace and read a good book? If your mantel has lost its shimmer over the years, you probably don’t want to spend much time in front of the fire. That’s a shame because sitting in front of a roaring fire is one of the best ways to relax after a long, hard day at work.

If your mantel is old, worn, or broken, no amount of décor can bring it back to life. An outdated mantel doesn’t feel inviting. On the other hand, remodeling with a stylish fireplace mantel will make you feel cozy, and you’ll want to spend more time in front of your fireplace instead of being glued the television.

2. Replacing a fireplace mantel is an easy job

Since a mantel attaches to the front of your fireplace, it won’t be a huge job to replace. You always have the option of hiring a professional to do the job, but if you’re the DIY type, you can probably manage it by watching someone else install a new mantel.

3. Beautiful mantels are affordable

Adding a new mantel during your remodel is extremely affordable. For just a few hundred bucks, you can completely change the look and feel of your living room. Depending on what your main remodeling focus is, you might even take the opportunity to switch up your décor.

4. A new mantel will impress your business associates

An aesthetically pleasing home has the power to impress your guests. A fireplace mantel is one of those areas in a home that tends to impress business partners and important clients.

It’s not just about your mantel, but how you decorate your mantel. For example, a mantel full of family photos will tell people you’re a family person and that will give the vibe that you’re trustworthy.

A farmhouse-style decorated mantel will tell people you’re generous and down-to-earth. Keeping your mantel decorated according to the current season will tell people you’re festive and probably active.

5. A new fireplace mantel will increase the value of your property

If you decide to sell your home at some point, you’ll want your property to be as appealing as possible. Small changes like installing a new fireplace mantel will increase the value of your property.

Of course, you can’t expect the value of your home to skyrocket just because of a mantel, but it will affect potential buyers’ perception of your home and will influence their offer. If you have an outdated, ugly mantel, potential buyers will see it as more work for them to do. If you upgrade the mantel before showing your house, you’ll get better offers from interested buyers.

6. A remodeled fireplace mantel is an opportunity to be creative

If you love being creative, replacing your fireplace mantel is a great opportunity to express your creative design skills. Choosing the right mantel is probably the easiest part considering most mantels are a solid color and come in just a few different materials.

Once you have your mantel, the real decorating challenge begins. Remember that your fireplace mantel is like the centerpiece of your décor. However you decorate your mantel, you need to upgrade the rest of your living room to match.

Have fun with your remodel

No matter what you choose to remodel, have fun with your project. You deserve a beautiful, cozy home.