5 Fashion Ideas for When You’re Feeling Low Key – But Still Need Style

Not every day is a high fashion day – some mornings we just don’t feel like coordinating a showstopping outfit or making sure our nails match our handbag. When we’re lucky, those days fall on the same days we’re able to stay at home and slouch around in our pyjamas – but not all the time. What about those days where you’re not really feeling it, but still have to go out to meet with friends or to an event? Well don’t worry, here we’ve got five great tips for when you need to look stylish on a low energy day.

  1. Dress down with shoes

Pretty dresses and skirts don’t just have to be worn with an aesthetic summer heel or flowing tresses. Pairing a floral maxi skirt with a t-shirt and some tennis shoes can be a really bold, cool look – while keeping you comfortable in the process. It’s the perfect blend of relaxed and dressed up! Plus you’ll be really comfortable, especially if you’re running a lot of errands or having a long night out. This is also my go-to travel outfit for when I’m wanting to explore a new city. 

  1. Use an oversize jacket

Instead of feeling dressed up in a blazer, create a more casual look by pairing your outfit with an oversize jacket that gives your loo a purposefully scruffy vibe – rather than an actually scruffy vibe. The perfect look to pop to the movies or to a barbecue! 

  1. Rock a messy bun

There is nothing wrong with a messy bun. Though we all know it seems to be the law that the best messy buns happen on days when we aren’t leaving the house, if you can get it right the messy bun is the epitome of low key fashion. Throw your hair up, make sure you’ve got some lowkey eye makeup on to ensure you still look put together. Et voila. Sometimes a messy bun can even make you look a little more formal, especially if you rarely wear your hair up.

  1. Don’t skimp on the silk scarves

No, you don’t have to tie them under your chin like Marilyn Monroe – this is more of a hack for those days where you *should* wash your hair but can’ quite be bothered. A silk scarf tied roughly around your head, over a ponytail or added to that messy bun, turns your no-wash day into a purposeful vintage look.

  1. Throw on some statement jewellery

Even a simple outfit like a t-shirt and jeans can be transformed by some choice jewellery being thrown over the top of it. It just brings the outfit together and makes your casual look cool. I personally really enjoy pairing statement jewelry with really plan pieces of clothing, such as nude colors or black tshirts. The contrast between the statement jewelry and the plain clothing can be quite striking.

If you’re having a low key day but still want to look good, we hope these five top tips help you out to look best!