5 Ways To Make Your Lunch Break Pack a Punch

Way too many of us waste our lunch breaks just scrolling through various social media apps on our phones. There are so many great ways that you can spend this time to improve your daily life! Below, we suggest our favourite five ideas.

  1. Do something active

There’s nothing better for your mental state than getting our of your desk chair and moving your body around on your lunch break. It improves your physical and mental health, and gets you invigorated for the afternoon. And you don’t have to become a lunchtime runner or gym-goer if that’s not your thing – why not try something unusual, and buy yourself some roller skates?

  1. Commit to doing some reading

Remember that book that’s been gathering dust on your bedside table? Instead of telling yourself you’ll read some of it before you go to sleep each night, but then just falling asleep, use your lunch break to get in a few daily pages. It’ll be a welcome break from your mental workload as you enjoy the escapism, and you’ll start actually making your way through your TBR pile!

  1. Learn a language

Though you might think ‘hey, I just wanna relax on my lunch break and recharge, not learn,’ teaching yourself something is actually a great way to reinvigorate your mental energy. Our brains enjoy learning new things, and enjoy stimulation, so teaching yourself something mentall challenging like a language for even a few minutes a day can be hugely beneficial! Not to mention, you’ll get a great new skill out of it that might help you with dating, work, or even just when traveling.

  1. Call a friend

Sometimes when the workday is getting on top of us, it’s nice to recharge by enjoying the company of someone you care about. So why not organise a lunchtime zoom call or just a phone call with someone you’ve been meaning to catch up with, and enjoy the way it breaks up your day and makes you smile – you’ll be ready for an afternoon of work, and when it’s time to knock off you won’t feel obligated to see anyone because you’ve done your socialising for the day! One of the best things to come out of the pandemic is how much it normalized video calling which is a much more personal way to stay in contact with someone. 

  1. Do some art

Even if art isn’t your thing, you can still benefit from a midday break to get your creative juices flowing and activate the other side of your brain. So why not grab a pencil and paper, and go outside to draw your surroundings? Alternatively, there are plenty of drawing challenges you can join which give you prompts each day to get the ball rolling. This is a great diversion from work to enjoy on your lunch break! If drawing an art really isn’t for you, why not try something else a bit artistic, such as creative dance or taking a yoga class?

Hopefully, something on this list will appeal to you and help you start improving your day!