Are Compression Socks Safe for Pregnancy

It is no secret that pregnancy changes many things about a woman’s body. Whether we are just talking about the stomach, which is the main change, or we are including the widening of the feet and calves and the swelling of the legs. These changes ensure that your body is giving the baby all the nutrients they need, but this can take a toll on a woman.

Well, if you have not tried wide calf compression socks to reduce your swelling and improve your circulation, then this might be a good option for you to try out. With all the benefits that these socks could bring you, it might be your best bet. But, are these compression socks safe for pregnancy?  

Are They Really Safe? 

Though women who are pregnant need to be cautious of what goes on their skin and in their body through the food they eat, you will not need to worry about whether compression socks are safe for your body. Pregnant women are often told to use these socks to help ease the discomfort that comes with the swelling of the legs and the extra pressure put on your feet. 

Also, because the blood flow of the woman’s body is not focused on the baby in her belly, the circulation of the rest of the body can be slightly lessened. So, wearing wide calf compression socks will give you the best fit and circulation improvement needed for maximum comfort during pregnancy. 

However, you just want to make sure that you get the right size so that the legs are not being squished too much, which could be uncomfortable. 

Benefits of Wide Calf Compression Socks for Pregnant Women 

There are obvious benefits to having wide calf socks, like having a better fit, but there are other benefits too. During pregnancy, a woman’s legs will often swell quite a bit because she is carrying much more weight than she was before. Her feet and legs will swell from the added pressure, which makes compression socks a great fit for pregnant women. 

Wide calf socks will fit better on swelled legs, but they will also help prevent blood clots from forming by increasing the flow of blood throughout the leg. This can be very helpful for those who deal with Edema, or swelling of the legs because it will lower the risk of complications due to other health issues.

Other benefits of these compression socks are listed here: 

  • Better circulation and blood flow 
  • Decrease in fatigue 
  • Lessened leg and foot swelling 
  • Reduction in injuries 

Though wide calf compression socks are not needed for every body type, they are a great option for pregnant women. With the benefits that come with the compression of the socks and the wider build of the sock, they will fit better when swelling occurs and can help keep women more comfortable and healthier during their full nine months of pregnancy.


Pregnant women have different needs from men and non-pregnant women. This means that their bodies need special attention to stay as healthy as possible for their unborn child. Whether you are looking at wearing compression socks to help with your circulation during pregnancy, or you want to reduce the swelling happening in your legs, you can do both with compression socks. 

Though these socks should be the right size for your legs, you want to ensure that the size you purchase is not too tight for you. This won’t be as comfortable and you won’t get all the benefits you are looking for. So, pick out the right size of wide calf compression socks and get your legs feeling their best when you are pregnant.