Essential Domestic Services Every Homeowner Needs

If you are new to home ownership, there is much to learn about the running of a family home, as the average family dwelling consists of several complex systems that should be maintained. While you would not be expected to carry out building maintenance and other essential services, you should pre-source specific home services, which you are likely to need at some point in the future.

  1. Plumbing – Of course, the trusted plumber is the person to call when you have water issues, which would include a blocked drain, or indeed, any problem involving water. There are plumbers who will come at any time of night and day, and a plumbing emergency usually does happen outside of regular working hours, so make sure you have an emergency plumber’s number in your speed dial.
  2. Climate Control – If you are based in Bangkok, talk to who offer a wide range of a/c systems, all at affordable prices. There are ultra-efficient climate control systems called HVAC, and they can supply heat, cool air and also hot water, and as they are very energy efficient, it won’t break the bank to keep the home at a comfortable temperature. Don’t forget to have your a/c serviced on a regular basis, which will ensure that it always works at optimum levels.
  3. Roofing Contractor – Roof issues can quickly turn into a major repair if not addressed immediately, and with an annual roof inspection, you can be sure that your roof is always in good order. The guttering, for example, needs to be cleaned out on a regular basis, which will endure that excess rainwater always has an escape route. A missing roof tile can cause water damage inside your roof, so do have the roof inspected once a year, which should help you avoid costly repairs. If you are setting up your own e-commerce business, here is a guide that will help you to overcome obstacles.
  4. Electrical Issues – Your electrical system draws power from the mains supply, and there can be issues with fuses, which would require the assistance of a qualified electrician. Rodents can chew through power cables, and it makes sense to ask a local electrician to take a look at your wiring at least once per year. Here is a link to a government website on electrical safety, which is a must-read for all new homeowners.
  5. The Locksmith – Most people think a locksmith is the person to call when you lock yourself out of your home or car, and while this is true, your local locksmith will also supply and install security systems. If you do lock yourself out (it’s easy to do), you are advised to call a local locksmith, as the expert can gain access without causing any damage. In the event you ever require locks changing, the locksmith is the person to call, and if you would like to install an access control system to eliminate the need for keys, this is another area for the locksmith.

If you pre-source all of the above tradespeople and save the numbers in your smartphone, whenever you are in need of some help, you can call the experts.