Benefits of Using WhatsApp Web

Since WhatsApp has been acquired by Facebook, WhatsApp has been doing great. The user statistics have been in favor, and it has acquired most of the messaging user base. In recent times, almost everybody has WhatsApp app on his or her phones, and since much-anticipated WhatsApp web came into existence, people have WhatsApp running on their computers too. 

WhatsApp web has many benefits. It lets you stay connected with your friends and family while you are working. It gives you a better chatting experience. It gives you more accessibility. It also has other benefits. 

Faster Typing

When you are using WhatsApp web you are using a regular physical keyboard, which lets you use more fingers, so it takes less time for you to type a message. 

This faster typing thing comes in handy for people who have many clients, and they have to talk to many people at once. Replying to clients with your phone would hurt your hands. While if you write messages with keyboard your hands would not hurt at all. Physical keyboards are ergonomically designed, so it is better that you use WhatsApp web than the WhatsApp app.

Less Grammatical and Spelling Errors

You may have noticed that when you type with a phone you will experience more grammatical and spelling errors than typing with physical keyboard. Your phone has smaller keys, which make it more difficult to type. The phone also has prediction on so it changes the words on its own while typing a message, so when you use physical keyboard you will experience fewer grammatical and spelling errors.

More Memory for Sending Files

Unlike WhatsApp app, WhatsApp web does not have a limit of how much data you can send at once. Smartphones have a limit on the duration of the video you can send and the number of pictures that you can send, but WhatsApp web does not have those restrictions. You can send all sorts of files, PDF, and video, which a smartphone might not support. 

Direct Notifications on Phone

When there were no WhatsApp web, people had to keep track of two screens at once, but with WhatsApp web, you get WhatsApp notifications on your computer screen. It is very difficult to keep up with two screens while working. Most people use WhatsApp as their primary messaging application. 

Best If You Have Low Battery

There are times when your phone battery is running, but you need to talk to someone, and you also do not have a phone charger on hand. WhatsApp web will become your lifesaver in such a situation. 


WhatsApp has become very popular in the past few years. Most people have started using WhatsApp as their priority application for massaging. People even use WhatsApp instead of SMS. Because it is a free messaging service, people find it very convenient, and it has great service. WhatsApp voice and video calls are considered better than others have made data sharing very easy.