Canadian Province is Big on Solar Power.

The Canadian Province of Alberta is looking ahead and putting its money where its mouth is, when it comes to renewable and sustainable power. The oil-rich province, which provides a tenth of the world’s supply of crude oil, would seem a likely place for fossil fuel consumption by everyone — but such is not the case. The Provincial Government just announced they are hiring a contractor to construct a solar energy capture field the size of several football fields, called the Travers Solar Project, which will eventually provide four hundred megawatts of electricity to residents of Alberta. And the 500 million dollar project can expand indefinitely to meet the needs of a growing number of other Provinces in Canada that also want power from sources other than fossil fuel.

Alberta is probably the most ideal Province in Canada for solar power farming, since it is both the flattest and the sunniest Province in Canada. Greengate Power Corporation, which is building the current solar power farm, says that concentrating on renewable energy is one of the best and cheapest ways to prevent the kind of ecological disasters that are currently causing such destructive wildfires in places like California and in New South Wales.