Bus Driver Saves Pet Dogs from Frozen Death.

Milwaukee bus driver Jamie Grabowski was just finishing up her last run of the evening last week when she saw a pair of dogs shivering out on the sidewalk, with apparently no place to go. They looked lost, she told reporters, and didn’t seem to be aggressive. In fact, she said, they were shivering with cold. So, instead of taking her bus back to the transit yard and calling it a night, she stopped the bus, opened the door, and beckoned for the two dogs to come inside. She wasn’t sure they would do it, but after just a few minutes of calling out in a friendly reassuring voice the two canines climbed in and began warming up. Grabowski called in to report she’d be a little late, as she had some canine complications to take care of.

A dispatcher sent a police offer to her bus to conduct the two dogs to a nearby animal shelter. Grabowski says the two animals really seemed grateful to her and thanked her with their eyes as they were taken away.

Turns out the two dogs had escaped from their yard just a few miles away, and the family had spent all night looking for them. They were very relieved to be reunited with their pets the next day, and praised bus driver Grabowski for saving the lives of two cherished members of their family.