Don’t Throw Out That Christmas Tree!

Santa has come and gone; the egg nog is about gone; and the in-laws and other guests are getting ready to depart back to their own homes to welcome in the new year. So what’s left to worry about? How about that live tree in your living room — after you remove the decorations it becomes nothing more than kindling, ready to go up in flames at any moment.

You need to dispose of it, but you don’t have to just toss it out into the dumpster for a sad trip to the nearest landfill. Instead, try one of these recycling ideas from professional foresters and environmentalists!

If you live close to the ocean, or one of the Great Lakes, consider donating your tree to a local beach preservation society. They use discarded Christmas trees as natural fences to trap blowing sand and keep it on the beach where it belongs.

If you live far inland, consider turning your old tree into a bird feeder. Place it outside in the backyard and lather several branches with peanut butter, then sprinkle same with sunflower seeds and cracked corn. You’ll be amazed at the variety of wild birds this can attract, even in large metropolitan areas. The birds love the food, and love the shelter of the tree where they can hide. 

Last but not least, if you have a working fireplace, chop it up and feed the flames — spruce and pine gives off an amazing and soothing aroma when burning.