Getting Started with Pilates

The last few years have seen Pilates gain a resurgence in popularity with franchises all over the country. Pilates in Houston is all the rage. And with good reason. 

Pilates is known to improve abdominal endurance, balance, and flexibility in as little as eight weeks of classes. Results include improved posture, increased focus on body alignment, and a stronger core. 

What Kind of Workout Is Pilates?

Pilates was invented in the 1920s for rehabilitation by Joseph Pilates. It helped injured dancers and athletes, among others, resume exercise gradually and maintain good physical form. This low-impact option means muscles are rarely worked to exhaustion as with other forms of physical exercise. 

Today, Pilates classes are popular with elite athletes, people with limited mobility, the elderly, and pregnant women. Trainers also offer the convenience of Pilates at home to those without access to a Pilates studio. 

Is Pilates a Good Way to Lose Weight?

Pilates combines strength and flexibility training. Ultimately, these exercises improve breathing, concentration, and posture, and create toned, longer, and leaner muscles. 

Pilates primarily consists of low-impact exercises. Pairing them with other exercises such as cardio can help you burn more calories and lose weight. 

How Much Does It Cost to Do Pilates in Houston?

Trainers in Houston charge around $20 per class, but it can be significantly lower. Individual classes cost more than group lessons. These can be done at home or at a women’s gym. Paying in advance for a cluster of classes often gives good discounts. 

For Pilates with equipment, expect to pay anywhere from $20 and up. Again, the longer you commit, the less you end up paying.

What Are the 10 Best Pilates Exercises?

Pilates has a series of about 500 yoga, ballet, and calisthenics-inspired exercises. 

Here are 10 essential Pilates exercises for beginners.

  1. Chest lift
  2. Pelvic curl
  3. Chest lifts with rotation
  4. Single leg stretches
  5. Spine twist supine
  6. Rolling like a ball
  7. Roll up
  8. All fours
  9. The one hundred
  10. Swan prep

These will target different muscle groups, and you can gradually introduce more challenging exercises as you improve endurance.

What Are the Basic Pilates Exercises?

If you are new to Pilates, check out these easy poses for a quick burst of rejuvenation.

The bridge

  • Press your shoulders on the ground with bent knees and arms on your sides
  • Engage your core by paying attention to your breathing 
  • Exhale as you squeeze your glutes and lift your back off the floor
  • Hold for five full breaths before letting go and easing back down

Leg circles

  • Lay on your back with shoulders and ribs down
  • With your left leg bent and foot on the ground, draw your right leg to the sky 
  • Circle the extended leg across your body 
  • Repeat several times before switching legs

Sound Interesting?

If Pilates sounds interesting, how about joining the best Houston Pilates Studio to kickstart your workout regimen? The Train Station personal training studio has a multidisciplinary team of trainers to help you create a workout program tailored towards your fitness goals.