NBA Picks: Who to Look For

NBA basketball is an enthralling game. End to end action, athletic moves by world-class athletes, and rapid changes of score can keep you on the edge of your seat while you’re watching. Add in the excitement of wagering, and you’ll probably find yourself checking the calendar as you await a new season.

If you enjoy betting on the NBA, making the right picks will make it even more fun. Here are some tips on how to know who to look for and how to pick strategically when you’re making your NBA picks. 

Understand Where to Look For the Best Picks

To find reliable picks, you should carefully research the site that’s offering the picks. Understand exactly what they offer and check their track record carefully. Poke around and see how easy it is to find the information you need to make the kind of picks you want. 

By using a reputable and successful sportsbook as your guide, you’ll stand a better chance of success. The knowledge and databases employed by professional sports handicappers can help narrow the margin between making a profit and having a run of bad luck. Check around and tap into the resources available at reputable handicapping sites.

Bet Smart 

Your odds of making the best NBA picks will increase if you have a smart and consistent strategy. Here are some smart things you should do in conjunction with your betting. 

  • Start small — If you’ve decided you’re going to get into making NBA picks, don’t imagine for a minute that you’re going to get the hang of it right away. Set a limit on your individual and overall bets, plus an overall betting budget. Stick to your guns and don’t raise your limit until you’re actually experiencing some success. 
  • Don’t be a fan —  Sure, we’ve got our favorite teams. But if your goal is to make smart NBA picks, you shouldn’t rely on emotion. Analyze what you’re doing, and trust the expert voices you’re using to help guide you.  
  • Specialize — You don’t want to rely on emotion, but it’s totally OK to pick a few teams to focus your picks on. By doing so, you’ll be better able to concentrate on the important factors and trends revolving around that team. 

Pick Your Wagering System 

The NBA is truly a league where anything can happen. That’s one of the things that makes choosing NBA picks such a fun and dynamic process. When you’re ready to dive in, it’s helpful to pick the type of wagering system you want to use. 

  • Point spread betting — This is one of the most popular ways to wager on NBA games. With point spread betting, oddsmakers determine the projected margin of victory by the winning team. Your wager is on whether they succeed in reaching that goal, or “covering” the point spread. This makes even games against poorly-matched teams much more interesting. 
  • Point total betting  —  With point total betting, oddsmakers project the total number of points scored by both teams. You bet on whether there will be more points scored —  “over” —  or fewer points scored —  “under.” 

While there are other wagering types, you’ll find most of the betting action revolving around these two popular options. With practice and study, you can have a good chance to wager effectively and profitably using them. 

Become a Diligent Student of the Game

The more you work at making your picks, the more successful you’ll be. Tap into the many resources on stats, news, and prognostications available from reputable sportsbooks and you’ll soon know what to look for when making your NBA picks.