Has Technology Made Us Anti-Social?

Take a look around next time you are out in a social setting. The majority of people will not be speaking to each other. Their heads will be buried in their phones. They will be in their own little world disconnected from what is happening right around them.

This was never such a big problem in the past. Why?

Because we didn’t have so much technology in the palm of our hand. We have email, social media, the internet, YouTube, etc. — all to consume our attention.

Many people don’t feel the need to interact in real life. They do it all via technology and that is not healthy at all.

We Wake Up and Fall Asleep With Our Phones

What is the last thing you do before you go to sleep at night? Probably check your phone, whether it’s for text messages, emails, or social media notifications.

What about when you first wake up? Grab your phone and check the same things? It’s become such a widespread problem, and it’s causing the entire population to become anti-social.

“Learning to disconnect from your phone and spend time just relaxing or hanging out with friends and family is important and healthy,” suggests Chris Moberg of Slumber Search. “It’s hard to get a good sleep when you are glued to and consumed by your phone.”

More time away from technology can be so good for your mental well-being. It’s something to seriously consider.

Our ‘Friends’ Are Now Virtual

The term “friend” has changed so much because of technology. A friend used to be someone you knew in real life — someone you grew up with or spent a lot of time with.

“It’s funny how many times people refer to their ‘friend’ and it’s a social media connection they have never met in real life,” says Darryl Howard of NuWays MD.

Make an effort to see your real-life friends often. Little things like going out to eat or catching the game can be great ways to disconnect from technology and help put your social skills to good use.

We Video Chat Rather Than Meet Out

Ask a Millennial if they would rather go out to meet with friends or do a group video chat and what do you think they will pick? The video chat of course. It’s “easier,” so it’s the way of life for many.

Rather than FaceTime your friend, book a spontaneous trip. Grab your carry on luggage and go to a random city for a weekend getaway. Go explore. Go live life. There is so much out there that the new generation is missing because they are glued to their phones.

Tech has also reduced the number of skilled tradesmen working with their hands. What if you needed to install new HVAC products? There is no app to do that.

Dating, for example, is heavily tech-based now. Back in the day you had to go out and be social to meet people. Now you just swipe. It’s going to have a long-lasting negative effect on how the world interacts socially, and it’s going to get more awkward as it progresses.

While tech is great, it’s a major thorn in the side of being social.