New Museum in Zagreb Documents “The Morning After.”

Museums come in all shapes and sizes. There is the majestic MOMA in New York City, where artwork of all kinds is on display in breathtaking abundance in a postmodern environment. There’s the Smithsonian in Washington DC, where our country’s heritage is on display for everyone to admire. There’s the Natural History Museum in Chicago, which features an actual mock up of a coal mine.

And then there’s the Museum of Hangovers, in Zagreb, Croatia, which opened up just this month. 

Croatian university student Rino Dubokovic decided to document the trials and tribulations of those poor souls who overindulge in demon rum from time to time, and so he gathered up photographs, poetry, police reports, and even strange items people claim to have woken up with ‘the morning after.’ When his apartment in Zagreb became too cluttered with hangover memorabilia, he decided to rent some space downtown, hang up a neon sign (suspiciously like a cocktail lounge sign) and charge admission to come in and see the follies of alcohol. He says so far business has been slow, and none too sober. But since his museum has been featured on all the major television networks in the United States, as well as numerous newspapers, he feels that tourist business is bound to pick up in the spring — when the moutain air around Zagreb, to quote an old cliche, is like wine . . .