How Technology Has Benefited the Energy Industry

The energy industry is a modern phenomenon. Hundreds of years ago, humans relied on the power of fire. Eventually, we developed technologies such as the internal combustion engine and the train. These would take advantage of fossil fuels. Consequently, humans have been able to harvest more energy with less effort than at any other time in history. Today, technologies continue to be developed that innovate the energy industry.

1. The Rise of Technology and Its Advancements Over the Years   

Technology did not exist in any meaningful sense before the evolution of humans. Alongside our history on earth, technology has risen to become prominent around the world. You could cut history into several different eras. Modern civilization did not begin to form until the Industrial Revolution.

Industrial Revolution:
The Industrial Revolution began with the invention of the steam engine in England. Although the steam engine had been developed in the late 1600s, the Industrial Revolution did not fully gain steam until the mid-1700s. During this time, technologies such as railroads spurred the development of industry. This was the most prominent in Western nations.

The Industrial Revolution allowed humanity to produce more at less cost than it ever had before. The additional surplus allowed for the development of modern cities. Eventually, we began to experiment with electricity. The first wave of electricity inspired inventions created things such as the light bulb and electric stoves.

Age of the Internet:
As the electronics industry developed, So did a fledgling computer industry. Building on the knowledge of electricity, we developed technologies that would have seemed magical in the past. The modern computer industry is one example.

2. Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology   

Technology has detriments in addition to its advantages. Depending on how you arrange your perspective, the relative weight could vary by person. Technology has allowed humanity to generate more wealth. However, many individuals in modern societies feel isolated from each other.

Do More with Less Manpower

Forget How to Do Things
We Become Dependent

3. Technology and Its Impact on the Energy Industry   

Technology continues to develop. Changes to our technology will impact the energy industry in the near future. As we near peak fossil fuel production, we must transition our energy infrastructure to newer technologies. One of the most promising technologies on the horizon would be solar power.

Solar Power and Monitoring:
Photovoltaic cells convert the energy from sunlight into usable electricity. The technology was first developed decades ago, although, at the time, it was rather inefficient. Today, it is more affordable to generate electricity using solar than with traditional fossil fuels. However, we still have a lot of ground to cover before we’ve transitioned to a sustainable energy economy. The trends are promising, but more people need to contribute by making the transition themselves.

Instantly Compare Providers Throughout the Region:
The Internet has made personal finance as easy as walking. As long as you are willing to try, you can take control of your budget. You can also compare prices on things like electric rates to find the best deals. Thus, you can do more with your dollar. Previous generations did not have this advantage. In the past comparing providers consisted of calling each provider and taking notes on their plans and prices.

The March of Technology and the Energy Industry  
The future promises even more fantastic technologies than the ones we have available to us today. If you were to go back several hundred years, people would not believe you when you told them about the modern world. Do you think we would believe a time traveler if they described earth in 500 years?